Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Ghosts of Christmas Past and Present

The Frick Collection at Christmas, 2013
This was one of my favorite posts of all-time. I thought I'd written it last year, but actually it's from 2013. It's been on mind and since I am sick again -- cough, cough. cough -- I'm not running around very much and taking new pictures to post. For those who weren't friends of Buttercupland in 2013 it's a new post and for everyone else, I hope I'm not repetitive.

The post is about my feelings about the Christmas song, The Little Drummer Boy. I came to really enjoy it in 2013 and the words "I have no gifts to bring..." stood out in my mind. This year the phrase "I am a poor boy..." caught my ear. In the last year I've heard many people I know say that they have nothing to give, that they are poor, old, tired or sad, as if the only gift to give needs to be shiny or expensive or brightly wrapped. The best gifts this year were gifts of friendship, smiles, support and kindness, most of which cost very little, but meant a great deal. Dear Citizens of Buttercupland, thank you for your gifts this year. I've valued every comment, Facebook like and follow. Some might say these are all virtual, but I've had the good fortune to meet a number of my blog buddies and what gifts they are. Those I haven't met I accept the good wishes, kindness and concern demonstrated in comments. Thank you, all.

As ever, thanks for visiting and thanks for being part of Buttercupland.
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