Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Elusive Miss Ellison

I know I do review romance fiction often in Buttercupland, but it's not my favorite genre. I've come to read it, and have more appreciation of it because of my association with Litfuse Publicity Group. Because I especially enjoy reading historical fiction, my choice of romance novels leans to novels set in periods I find most interesting to read about.

One of my favorite periods is the Regency Era in England, which we often know it best in literature due to Jane Austen's novels. I am delighted to announce that I've found an engaging read in this era, The Elusive Miss Ellison, by Carolyn Miller. Fans of Regency fiction, this is one for you. Fans of romance and historical fiction, this is one for you, too.

I do a lot of my reading on the subway and several times while I was reading The Elusive Miss Ellison, I found myself transported back two hundred years ago to the English countryside to follow the story of Miss Lavinia Ellison and Nicholas, the Earl of Hawkesbury. They are two complex and engaging characters and were very enjoyable company for my subway rides around New York City.

Though we may tend to think of life as simpler and less complex in historical periods, human emotion was equally complicated and the search for love had many twists and turns. Carolyn Miller gives us two main characters in which I was very much interested. Their story engaged me and kept me reading. I enjoyed the historical descriptions of this period very much.

It's back to winter today in New York, though thanks to the Elusive Miss Ellison, I'm transported to a balmy spring afternoon in England two hundred years ago. I wish we could all get together for a cup of tea.  My thoughts are also very much on today's London and my heart goes out to those injured in today's incident and the families of those who were killed.

As ever, thanks for visiting and take very good care.

Please note: I was given a copy of this novel in exchange for my thoughts. My opinions are all mine.


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Romance novels are not my cup of tea, but history with romance is always something that I enjoy.

Paula Kaye said...

Thanks for this review!

Terra Hangen said...

This historical romance might interest me and like you, I am saddened and alarmed by this cruel attack in London.


Sounds like a nice read.

Deanna Rabe said...

I've seen this book around so it was nice to read a review. Based on yours, Carol, I probably will buy this to read! I'm a huge Jane Austen fan!

Mimi said...

Wouldn't a cup of tea and a visit be wonderful? Visiting your blog is the next best thing.