Saturday, January 7, 2017

Louis Comfort Tiffany Pink Saturday

Magnolias and Irises, 1908 

Even aging dogs can learn new tricks, or at least I found today I can make discoveries in territory I thought I new well. I spent this snowy Saturday afternoon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and as I often do, I drifted to the wing that holds American art. I have been to this wing at least a hundred times and thought I knew almost every piece here. I learned I was so wrong. I saw a sign for Shaker Art and followed it and then made turn and then another turn and came to the most astoundingly beautiful assembly of pieces by Louis Comfort Tiffany.   The stained glass window above may be my new all-time favorite, and the piece below is running a close second. 

Black opals, gold and enamel, 1904
This extraordinary piece of grape clusters and grape leaves was one of the 27 pieces of jewelry made for display at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis in 1904. Yes, the "Meet Me in St. Louis" Worlds Fair.


My friend Tiffany wrote about my Pink Saturday posts this morning -- Thanks! -- and I responded to her that I was going to either write about snow -- everyone likes to see New York in the snow -- or whatever caught my fancy at the museum. I decided to do both. The prediction of one to two inches of snow turned into at least four inches and slippery, too. I considered staying in today, but I realized if I start staying in for two inches of snow I'm going to be missing a lot of the next few months. So I got myself into down coat, leggings, boots and gloves and walked very, very carefully outside.  

The landscape looking out from the Metropolitan Museum to Central Park.
In the last few days I put away the last of the holiday things and edited and deleted pictures of 2016. I'm diving in -- once again -- to my annual decluttering and have shredded, shredded and shredded some more. In this paperless age, where does all this paper come from? Seeing the beautiful and simple Shaker pieces at the museum today reinforced my desire to simplify and clear away clutter around me.   
Now it's time to heat up another cup of mint tea and wrap myself in an afghan. There's tea to drink and blogs to read and snow to watch fall over New York City. As ever, thanks for visiting. Take care and keep cozy.



That opal necklace has me breathless. It's gorgeous. But the stained glass piece Magnolias and Irises is PRICELESS. Just so beautiful.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Such a beautiful photo of the city...complete with a line of taxis! Enjoy your day and stay cozy and warm. Hugs, Diane

Simply Linda said...

Buttercup, maybe you ought to consider visiting us up / over here...there is a church in Bath/western NY that Tiffany and his artists way back when ---decorated in all "Tiffany" stain glass about a beautiful place.

-5* and about 8 inches of fresh powder...smiling. Stay warm and safe, friend.

Anne Payne said...

Wow!!! Those stained glass pieces are gorgeous! We have 10" of snow on the ground, which is a bit unusual in coastal VA. It's pretty but frigid. Woke up to frozen pipes this morning. They were easily thawed with a heater, though. :)

Thanks for sharing your day at the museum. Happy New Year!

peggy said...

So beautiful Carol, thanks for sharing them with us. The Subway ride was great too, and seeing the art work along. I am glad you are brave enough to get out in the cold. I am trying.