Sunday, November 13, 2016

Marathon Pink Saturday

Running on Central Park West, almost at the finish.

For almost every year I've been blogging I've been out of town for Marathon Sunday. But this year not only was I home, but I had made a commitment to do an errand in the neighborhood near the finish line. I probably would have stayed closer to home, but without really planning it I was in the center of the Marathon activities. I'm sharing these Marathon photographs as my Pink Saturday post for this week.
It was a beautiful day for the thousands of runners from around the world that participated. The streets are blocked off -- the set up and security are monumental and were so well done -- and the runners are coming around the corner. They are about to turn into Central Park, having begun in Staten Island and run through Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx before finishing in Manhattan. 

This is a slightly different perspective on the same area, Columbus Circle. It's not quite two miles from where I live, just a few blocks from my gym and directly across the street from the site of one of my favorite work places. The building I worked in has long been demolished and replaced by a very fancy shopping mall/hotel/office tower, but to me it's still 10 Columbus Circle and my office.  

At the end of the race the runners are given capes to hold in heat and throughout the area there are finishers in blue capes. The bikes in the background are part of a city-wide bike rental program.
I was back in the neighborhood later in the week and in homage to Veterans Day, I took this picture of the monument built to honor those killed in the explosion of the USS Maine in Havana harbor in February, 1898.

I'll never be a runner -- too many surgeries and injuries -- but seeing the runners made me think about doing a timed 5K walk. I initially thought of a half-marathon, but decided to focus first on a more attainable goal. I may decide it's a little too ambitious, but it's a great goal to strive for.

As ever, thanks for visiting. Take good care and wishes for a peaceful week. 


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It does look like a beautiful day and I love the brilliant blue skies. I tried running but my ankles complained way to much and that was when I was much younger. Even when I walk I don't get far now and enjoyed your walk to see the sights.

Mimi said...

Always love your city pictures.