Thursday, September 1, 2016

I Love New York: Visiting Clayton, NY

The weather has cooled down and I've gotten a burst of energy, especially for blogging. I'm celebrating the Labor Day weekend with a five-day Blogathon. I'm going to blog every day through Monday. Yes, five days in a row. There are several summer adventures I'd like to share before we enter the land of pumpkins and autumn leaves. I'm also going to respond to every comment. I've been remiss in blog visits and this weekend I'm returning to visits throughout BlogWorld.
For most people from New York City just about anywhere north of the Bronx is upstate. But my trip to St. Lawrence County is genuinely upstate. I've had the good fortune to have dear friends who live literally on the St. Lawrence River, which separates the United States and Canada for part of New York and Ontario. My trip this summer included driving from Albany to Ogdensburg. I was reminded how much beauty is in New York and how readily accessible those areas are. No passports, no planes and magnificent scenery. Though I've traveled a lot throughout New York there are still a number of places I'd like to visit again and I'm putting a list together. I'm hoping to do several I Love New York posts in the next year. 
Though I've been to the Thousand Islands area many times this was my first visit to Clayton, NY. Founded in 1833, Clayton's history includes lumber, ship building and mining. With the advent of the railroad in the 1870's tourism was added and it is a beautiful town to visit.  

The Lost Navigator is a local bar and restaurant and I enjoyed the advertising mural.

My visit included a wonderful visit to a local gallery and this painting was displayed outside.
Though it was my first visit to Clayton I hope it won't be may last. I was impressed with all of the activities taking place in town during the summer and took several pictures to keep them in mind. I have the fantasy of returning for a longer visit next summer and participating in the writers' programs. I also envisioned peaceful afternoons sitting in the town park and watching the river.

There is one more post of my visit to the Thousand Islands and at least one more of New York City good times. What are some of your favorite memories of this summer?

This weekend isn't just Blogathon, it's my return to walking as well. I've slacked off on my walking and my goal is to do 10,000 steps every day. I succeeded today and barring torrential rain, I'm optimistic that I can do the same every day. I'll keep you posted.

As ever, thanks for visiting and happy wishes for a wonderful weekend.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I love NY, city and state. I have been to The Thousand Islands and fished in the Saint Lawrence and enjoyed both.


Upstate New York and Wine Country are some of our favorite spots. Clayton looks like a fabulous place. The artwork sets the scene for sure.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

The areas I've visited in New York are very limited. When my husband was in Vietnam, a friend (also married to a soldier) and I took a bus trip to Yonkers (from Baltimore) to see some Christmas-y place. I don't remember much else about it, other than it was full of lights and glitter. We may have eaten dinner there, too, but I don't remember. And I've been to Brooklyn and thereabouts for a family funeral.

But I've seen pictures of LOTS of places in New York I'd like to visit someday. NYC would be nice, but I'd really like seeing some of the more scenic places. Clayton looks like a good start.

Have a super weekend!

Denise said...

There are so many places to visit in Michigan. That is why I chose it for my A to Z this year. I am sure many states, though not all, are the same.

Bj Pup said...

Hope plans for this weekend aren't ruined because of the weather.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I've always loved upstate NY, Carol! We often visited both sided of the Hudson River and many towns like Cooperstown and Corning and the Catskill srea. There is so much beauty there and autumn is as beautiful as New England's autumn, and even more so!