Monday, August 22, 2016

Olympics Monkey Monday

There's been a lot of Olympics enthusiasm in Buttercupland, especially on Pepe's part. He's been doing a lot of jumping -- monkey longjump -- and swimming in the bathtub, but no specific event really matched his unique skill set. Then a package arrived from my sweet blog friend Taryterre. It was probably the best wrapped package I've ever gotten and I asked Pepe's assistance. Pepe thought it was part of the Monkey Olympics and he jumped right in.   

After our hard work I found the most perfect mug I can imagine. Yes, I'm pretty perky most of the time, but on those days when I need a boost, I now have my "Chin Up, Buttercup" mug. I can't wait to make my first cup of coffee and use my new mug. I'll be smiling and thinking of the wonderful women I've met through blogging and their kind and generous hearts. Pepe will be thinking of the gold medal he won for the best package opening by a monkey. We're both very happy!

When you read this I should have arrived on the shores of the St. Lawrence River and will probably taking pictures of one of the most beautiful places I know. No fear, a blog post will be following.

As always, thanks for visiting and have a great week!


Wandering Wren said...

No wonder you have been enjoying the Olympics - the whole world is in awe of your medal tally! Questions are being asked here about Australia's lowest medal tally since Barcelona! Love you mug!
Wren x

Simply Linda said...

Pepe!!! So nice to see you my friend. smiles.

I can't wait to see your photos, Carol.

Mimi said...

Pepe makes me smile!


I admit it Buttercup and Pepe, I tend to get a bit carried away when it comes to bubble wrap. I can't help myself. No doubt undoing it was an Olympic accomplishment, indeed. I am glad you found the mug under all that plastic. It had your name on it, it deserved your attention for all the times you have entertained us with tales of coffee. ENJOY.

Theresa said...

Oh Pepe should come help me:). Can't wait to see pics of your new adventure. Enjoy!

Paula said...

That mug is perfect for you!