Saturday, May 21, 2016

It's Not All Coffee and Books Random Five Friday

After last month's coffee revel and this month's book expo, I feel that the title for this blog could easily be Coffee, Books and Me. Actually I like that a lot and if I ever merge Coffee Light and Mysteries Noir with Buttercupland, that may be my new title. But this week held more than coffee and books and it's my theme for a return to Random 5 Friday blogging.

1) Finally at the end of this week spring returned to New York City. If it wasn't for Lincoln Center in the background, I could be in the country. But it's actually a living screen for the parking garage ramp at Lincoln Center.

Yesterday did include coffee and books, but it also included a trip to the gym, the bank and the post office. I took the subway to one of my favorite places, Columbus Circle and 59th Street for my errands and enjoyed a perfect spring day.

2) I got to see the musical Shuffle Along, and enjoyed every minute of it. It included three of my favorite Broadway actors, Audra McDonald -- who enchanted me in Carousel over twenty years ago -- Billy Porter and Brian Stokes Mitchell. If you're a fan of musicals and looking for terrific talent do a search for their music and you won't be disappointed.

3) In a totally different musical direction I came across Underground Horns in the Times Square subway station last night, and yes, the people in the picture are dancing in the subway. I wasn't sure how to describe the music, but their website calls it "Afro-funk, New Orleans brass," and it was great. I stood in the subway station for several numbers enjoying the music, the people and the fun.  

4) The week had to include coffee. Every week includes coffee, but I am sad to report this isn't happy coffee news. O Is for Oren's Daily Roast is closing its Broadway branch. Much regret from this coffee drinker. I will look for the other locations when I'm traveling around New York.   

5) The week also had to include books. I finished Graham Swift's Mothering Sunday -- a short book, but not slight in any way -- and began reading my copy of Jay McInerney's, Bright, Precious Days, which is due out in August. I loved his first book, Bright Lights, Big City and this one looks equally good.  

It was a busier week than I remembered. I have made headway on sorting out my books from Chicago, as well as putting my summer clothes in order. I now firmly believe that summer will arrive.

As ever, thanks for visiting, and joining the book and coffee revels. Take care and have a great weekend.   


Simply Linda said...

I always enjoy your posts, truly I do. Have a beautiful Sunday, raining here in western NY.

Mildred said...

Good Morning! I am happy you are finally able to enjoy spring weather! Beautiful pictures you have shared. I would love to have heard the band in the subway. Too bad about the coffee shop closing. Glad you are enjoying your books and I wish you a lovely day.

Mevely317 said...

You know I'm going to be checking out that musical! :)
Have a beautiful new week, m'friend!

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

I enjoyed your photos and the narrative very much! I feel like I took a trip and didn't even have to leave the farm. ;)
Barbara, blogging at Life & Faith in Caneyhead


The weather looked perfect for your weekend stroll. Love those purple flowers. The dancing in the subway looked like fun. What a great impromptu show.

Susie said...

Buttercup, so much to see and do. Wow...jay's hair is beautiful. Blessings, xoxo, Susie