Friday, April 29, 2016

W Is for Williamsburg

We're now sipping in Williamsburg. We've may have gone across the Williamsburg Bridge (built in 1903) in the background or taken the subway, but we are now in Brooklyn. The settlement of Williamsburg began in 1638 when the Dutch West India Company bough land from the local Native Americans. Williamsburg was primarily a farming area until the middle Nineteenth Century, when it was rapidly industrialized. This was a center of manufacturing, including Domino Sugar. It was also a center of immigration. By the 1960's the manufacturing had gone into a significant decline and Williamsburg fell on tough times. It was "rediscovered" about twenty five years ago, but it's in the last ten years that the neighborhood has seen tremendous gentrification.   

I like exploring Williamsburg and have several places I enjoy. One is the 12 Chairs Cafe. There are several in New York City, serving Middle Eastern and Eastern European food. I especially like their lamb kabobs. The name comes from their origin as a small café with literally twelve chairs.
But I'm not here for a restaurant review. I'm here for coffee. When I'm at 12 Chairs, I order a cappuccino and I haven't been disappointed. It's neither watery nor bitter, the disastrous extremes of cappuccino. It's a tad on the strong side, which most people prefer, and I'm giving it a solid B+. 

We finish up tomorrow with a discussion of the cost of a cup of coffee in New York City, a visit to Yorkville and our final cup in Grand Central Station. I've loved our adventures and I hope you have, too.

So, so much coffee and so little time! As ever, thanks for joining me on our coffee adventure.


shortybear said...

great post

Pondside said...

There is just nothing like a really good cup of coffee and one gets that treat so rarely. Restaurant coffee is indifferent and chain coffee shops aren't a whole lot better. Your cappuccino sounds delicious.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It seems there is no end to the good coffee you have found.. I loved seeing all the places you've visited and will be sad to see it come to an end.

Wandering Wren said...

I'm here at the finishing line cheering you home Carol - thanks to the time difference with Australia Well done on a great April A to Z Challenge, I can't wait for our next trip to New York to check out some of those great coffee places.
Wren x

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Oh, that cappuccino looks might good. From many articles that I have read, Brooklyn is the "in place" to live.


What a delicious looking cup of cappuccino. I am a TEA drinker, never coffee. But that pic makes your brew look oh so good.