Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Delay and Detour

When in the course of Blogging from A to Z -- with thanks to the writers of the Declaration of Independence -- my plans can go astray in a minute. I've got most of my letters accounted for, but my plan for "D" included a trip today to a more far flung part of Manhattan after my morning dental appointment. Thanks to a train delay the person who had the appointment before me was going to be late, and I was asked if I could come in at noon instead of 10"00 a.m. The plans of this blogger went awry thanks to a signal problem on the subway. It was time for a detour in my search for the best coffee in New York.

As I left the dentist's office I thought I would quickly come upon another fancy coffee place. But I didn't find anything that fit that category. My detour took me in another direction. I posed this question to myself. How good is the average cup of coffee in an average restaurant? I stopped at the Cascade on Eighth Avenue (at 53rd Street). I'd had coffee here before and thought it met the category of an average restaurant I might run into for a quick lunch or cup of coffee.  

Since it was winter today -- despite the April date --  I ordered a cup of hot coffee and a salad. The presentation wasn't elegant, but the price was right. My fancier cops of coffee have been at least two dollars a cup. The one pictured below was $1.25, and it was good. It wasn't a great cup of coffee, but it was smooth, not bitter and I enjoyed it a lot. I'm giving it a "B" and remembering that there are a lot of good cups of coffee in New York City. Thanks, Cascade, for a cup well brewed. 

I'm enjoying the A to Z Challenge, but I'd forgotten that it's a lot of work putting together a post every single day. Happily I've my pictures for "E" and "F" are set and my posts are (mostly) composed. I'm also enjoying the very gracious comments that have been left on these posts. Thanks!

So much coffee, so little time! As ever thanks for visiting and take good care.  


Paula Kaye said...

Glad that you could find a cup of coffee to go with your salad today!


That looks like a nice cup of coffee, not to mention salad and at a price worth noting despite the detour.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Are you seeing letters in your sleep yet? An OK salad and a grade B beverage is not so bad especially when your day did not go along as planned.

Denise said...

After my first challenge, I learned to do everything in advance. I am a little behind this year (on letter S) thanks to a two year-old who thinks naps are for babies.

Vanilla Bean said...

I am really enjoying these glimpses of spring in New York. A good, hot cup of coffee is a wonderful thing on a chill, blustery day.

~VanillaBean at Travelling Spoons

Bee Lady said...

That salad looks great! I'm a coffee drinker so I understand about coffee. Life is too short to drink a bad cup of coffee!

Cindy Bee

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Some times it's the detours that take us to the best places. Good for you making the best of the situation.

Janet Miles said...

Yes, I am finding that some of the letters are easier than others. Thanks for sharing your cup of coffee!

Susie said...

buttercup, I loved the little pink skirt on the child..sweet kid. I also loved your bakery photos..Oh yum. Blessings, hope it warms up. xoxo,Susie

Melinda said...

It is even harder to post when the day goes by so fast and things get in the way and then it is time for bed.
That was my problem yesterday so I too am a post behind.

Come on by and check our my challenge posts.

Glad you were able to back on track.

M : )

PS: It is hard to blog everyday and make sure have something to go with each letter.

M : )

Stephanie Faris said...

That Cascade place looks so charming on the outside! I pre-wrote all of my posts...I always write a month ahead, oddly. I don't know why!

shortybear said...

that salad makes me hungry