Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Chanukah Wishes, Chanukah Dreams

Tonight is the third night of Chanukah, a holiday of dedication and light. Pictured above is a display of Chanukah menorahs that hold the candles that are lit for the eight days of the holiday. Chanukah commemorates the rededication of the Temple after occupation by Syrian-Greek soldiers over 2200 years ago. A small vat of oil for the holy lamp was found that should have lasted one day, but miraculously the oil lasted eight days. Centuries later we commemorate this miracle of light.

It's difficult for me to feel very festive these days. The world seems to grow darker and darker and rays of light seem faint and difficult to discern. But I am sure to those Jews 2200 years ago, the world seemed dark and it must have been very easy to despair. And yet, light came through, even in the darkest time. My Chanukah wish is for hope and my Chanukah dream is for peace. If there is no light my deeds must kindle the light.

I know I've been very serious, but I've been reflecting on what a holiday dedicated to light means. It's not my usual post, but one that reflects my thoughts now.

For a lighter finale to this post, please meet the cutest Menorah I've seen in a long time. If you're eager to get one, it's from West Side Judaica, a local store that has a wonderful assortment of books, cards, gifts and items for holidays and Sabbath observance. 

I may have to add this menorah to my collection. A more traditional style is on the left.
Wishes for peace, light, love and hope!
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