Sunday, December 27, 2015

Best.Christmas.Lights.Ever Pink Saturday

On the most tropical Christmas night I've ever experienced the air was balmy and the lights were magical. I spent Christmas -- as I have for at least the last decade -- with friends in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. It's a neighborhood at the southern end of Brooklyn, which has become one of the best places to see Christmas lights in New York City. After dinner with friends we drove through the  streets of Bay Ridge looking at the lights. In a true Christmas miracle, there was no traffic and we were able to stop and park and I snapped pictures to my heart's content. It was hard to believe I was taking Christmas pictures wearing a cotton jacket in New York. Some folks will simply describe it as El Nino, but I call it a miracle.

This last house was my favorite. I was especially taken with the "diamonds" on the door.
This chocolate house was at the center of our Christmas day desserts. There were lots of delicious desserts and my New Year's resolution is to abstain from sugary treats for quite awhile. 
It's hard to imagine, but this is my last Pink Saturday post of 2015. I'll have several more posts before 2016, but I want to offer a special thanks for all of my Pink Saturday blog friends. Thank you for all the pretty-in-pink moments you've given me this year.  Here's to many more in the year ahead.
I hope you all had wonderful Christmas celebrations and your memories are bright and happy. Prayers for those in Texas and Oklahoma, please stay safe!
As ever, thanks for stopping by and have a great week. 
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