Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Valley of Decision

One of my favorite places to read is during subway trips. I have a stack of books -- yes, actual books -- on a book case in my entryway and very often I take one along for a subway trip. People who aren't subway regulars may think the subway is a noisy place to read and difficult to concentrate, but after forty years of regular subway riding I've learned to block out distractions.

Last week "Valley of Decision,"  by Lynne Gentry was on the top of the stack of books and I chose it for a longish subway trip. I settled in to my seat, opened the book and somewhere between Brooklyn and Manhattan a thought came to me. It was no longer 2015 and I was no longer on a subway train beneath New York City. Lynne Gentry had taken me to Third Century ancient Carthage and I was once again in the company of Dr. Lisbeth Hastings, her family and the Christian community of Carthage. I first met Lisbeth in earlier books of the Carthage Chronicles and was eager to know what happened to her, her husband, daughter and the people of Carthage. On a historical level we know what happens to the Christian Church and to her husband, based on the man who will become St. Cyprian. But this was my opportunity to follow Lisbeth's journey from the Twenty-First century to Carthage.

From the moments of my subway trip to the last pages of "Valley of Decision" I was in Carthage. Ancient History is not usually my favorite period to read about, but the Carthage Chronicles are making me rethink this. I was especially interested the amount of historical detail and description of the Christian community in its early days. It's a story of love, family and faith with a fascinating setting. I'm grateful to the Litfuse Group for the opportunity to read "Valley of Decision."

What are you reading these days?

 I'm having a mellow Tuesday. I do have my class tonight and have a couple of errands to run, but I'm doing the things I need to get done at a slow pace. I'm enjoying the warmer weather -- hard to believe it's November -- and the treat of not needing gloves.

As ever, thanks for visiting and have a terrific Tuesday.

Please note: I received a copy of "Valley of Decision" as a review copy from the Litfuse Group, but the opinions are all mine. 
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