Thursday, May 21, 2015

Red Nose Day in Buttercupland

Pepe Le Monkee in the spirit of Red Nose Day
It's Red Nose Day in Buttercupland today. It's also Red Nose Day -- which raises money for children living in poverty -- throughout the world. Pepe was disappointed when I broke the news to him that Duane Reade -- the New York City branch of Walgreens -- was out of red noses. I've been seeing red noses at the checkout for weeks, but of course, just didn't get around to buying one for Pepe and one for me. Pepe was content with his homemade red nose and I will be making a donation to one of the causes that are part of this effort.
It's also giveaway day in Buttercupland today. I put together a few little goodies from my trip to Japan, including a small tote bag with a cherry blossom drawing from one of my favorite places, the Tokyo National Museum.
One of the pools in front of the museum
The giveaway closes Saturday, May 30 and I will announce the winner on Sunday, May 31. Not a lot to do to enter, just leave a comment and be a friend of Buttercupland on Google+, Google Friend or Bloglovin.

Cherry blossoms and finches decorate the tote
As ever, thanks for visiting and take good care!


From the Kitchen said...

I actually wore my red nose home from Walgreen's. I was in the car rather than on foot!!


Terra said...

This is the first I am hearing about Red Nose Day, and how good I know you so I am no longer out of the loop. I can not see your photos but trust your taste, so go ahead and enter me.

Melinda said...

Oh, how funny!
I just did a post about this at Dreaming!

Watching the special on NBC right now.

M :)

BJ PUP said...

Sounds like you loved Japan. Me too. I've been there 3 times. , from Tokyo to the southern tip.

Mevely317 said...

Pepe looks adorable, as always!
What was the name of that great movie in which Robin Williams played a doctor who'd don a red nose? Never underestimate the healing power of laughter!

We wanted to do something as a group at work - but were late to the party and of course, everyone was sold out.


Pepe looks sweet with the makeshift red nose. It is a worthy cause for sure. The pool in front of the the Tokyo National Museum looks amazing. I think it is wonderful you have such a nice giveaway. The cherry blossom tote is lovely.

Paula Kaye said...

I wanted a Red Nose too! But Pepe does look cute with his. I love hearing about your trip!

Smidgen Snippets & Bits

Joy said...

Sounds very nice and have a good purpose! Pepe is cute:)

Marie Rayner said...

I did not know they did Red Nose Day in America Carol! We have been doing it over here for years. I think this year we passed the billion pound mark for funds raised for children in need. It's such a great cause! I agree with your other friends, Pepe is indeed cute!

Simply Linda said...

Pepe! Always good to see him, smiles. I saw that Red Nose Day on the news, I had no idea that even existed. Have a lovely day, Buttercup! Blessings

Theresa said...

The red nose campaign is fun:) Pepe looks really cute! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Sola Scriptura said...

I think the red nose campaign is fabulous! I'm so happy to see Pepe is in the spirit to help out. What a lovely giveaway, you do have good taste!

Mizumatte said...

what a lovely giveaway, you are generous. take care Jaana