Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Monday -- and a Question

A big bouquet of my favorite flowers, lilacs, with happy Mother's Day wishes! I hope everyone had a very enjoyable day.
Happily, my computer seems to be back on track, and so does just about everything else. I love to travel, but getting back into my "usual" is tough after a longer trip. It's not enough to keep me from traveling, but something I need to remember. I'm reading -- a review or two soon to come -- decluttering and trying to drink more water. 
One of my goals for 2015 -- modest, as it is -- is to drink more water. I've been keeping track since I got home from Japan and I seem to come up about two glasses short every day. Does anyone have suggestions for things that have helped them? I'm not one for carrying a water bottle everywhere I go, and I don't even especially like water. I'm working at it, but getting in the last few glasses is getting tough. Appreciate all suggestions. 
I had a nice weekend, the highlight of which was a bridal shower. The weather was prefect for being outside and it was a wonderful time to catch up with friends and family of friends. Dessert was the first strawberry shortcake of the season. It's one of my favorite desserts -- ice cream is at the top of the list -- and it was delicious. Another question of the day -- biscuits or cake? We had homemade biscuits and homemade whipped cream. Perfect! Alas, I didn't get a picture of our goodies.
I hope everyone had a good weekend and wishes for a great week. As ever thanks for visiting and take good care. 


Kerin said...

Beautiful lilacs.
Sounds like you had a delightful weekend; so happy for you.

I get my water in everyday by filling up my water bottle with ice, and a fresh lemon slice. I love the freshness that a bit of lemon gives my water, and so I keep my water bottle full of ice and water all day.
Strawberries with pound cake and a dollop of whip cream, is my favorite way of having strawberry shortcake.


Nellie said...

Well, I'll take that strawberry shortcake over water any day.:-) I find it easier for me to work in the water if I have it over ice. Also, I count that decaf/herbal tea - a pot of it (2 cups) as part of that water requirement. Even do the same with decaf coffee.

Lovely lilacs!

Barb said...

I somtimes drink mineral water which I'm starting to enjoy. Also, herbal teas (without sweeteners). I bought myself a pretty metal insulated bottle and keep it filled with ice and water to sip throughout the day (and night if I awaken). I LOVE the smell of lilacs!

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hi Carol, it sounds like you had a nice weekend. Love the lilacs!
Julie xo

Joy said...

awesome lilacs Have problem drinking much water too. I feel that I am getting drown by it and I have to pee all the time. But I hope I an getting enough water:)

Karen Jones Gowen said...

My husband struggles with this as well. I get a lot of water but should drink more as I get thirsty, and I've heard when you're thirsty you are already dehydrated. I'm a fan of the water bottle, refilling mine and putting them in the fridge to get cold. I take one with me everywhere or I'd never get enough water.

BJ PUP said...

I get "rid" of one glass of water by drinking a glass as soon as I get up in the morning.

Terra said...

Actually I have read that people sometimes drink too much water. I know the recommended amount changes. When I read I keep water to drink nearby, that would be my tip.

Anonymous said...

Lilacs are a favorite of mine. Like you, I don't especially like water. Like another reader mentioned, lots of ice and a little lemon wedge make it more appealing to me. Hope you have a lovely evening.


Love lilacs. So fragrant and pretty. I drink water all day and night. Try adding a lemon or lime slice to ice water or some green grapes.

Mevely317 said...

I, too, struggle with drinking enough water. Lemon juice helps some, as does a bag of dandelion tea and splash of cranberry.
But what seems to work best is using one of those sippy-cup tumbler things with the built-in straw.
My boss claims drinking from a straw causes you to drink more, and I suspect she's right.

Melinda said...

The Lilacs are so pretty!

Mr. Ken puts lemon in his water
and I have a great water glass that I fill in the morning with ice and water to sip on all day.

Some buy the flavor packets to use
with their water.

My biggest thing is that the water MUST be cold.

M :)

Marie Rayner said...

Beautiful lilacs. Lemon in the water. Biscuits always for strawberry shortcake. Have a fab Tuesday! xoxo

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

My lilacs are blooming here too and my backyard smells like a bit of heaven. Glad the computer is back on track. Hope you have a great week!

Susie said...

Carol, That was my mom's favorite flower too. Bless you. As soon as your feet hit the floor in the mornings, drink about 12 ozs. of water. I just saw something about us dehydrating in the night while we sleep. I wish you success. xoxo,Susie

Anne Payne said...

I'm struggling with the same thing. My husband suggested I make a chart and post it on the fridge...hmmmmm...haven't done it yet so I don't know if it will work or not. For me, drinking more water is key to losing weight. Let me know what you figure out.