Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Three Tips for Surviving -- Flourishing -- in Single Digits

The temperature in New York City this morning was seven -- yes, seven -- degrees. Generally New York City apartments are overheated, but not in my corner of New York City this morning. My apartment is now comfortable, but that wasn't the situation first thing this morning. I was beginning to feel that this long, long winter had gotten the best of me, and I was about to descend into single digit doldrums when I remembered a few tried and true ways to cheer up. I knew a cruise somewhere warm would be one answer, but for less than ten dollars I could cheer up right away.

Here are my quick and inexpensive tips.

1) Fun and cozy socks.

I'm not sure when and where I bought these fleecy slipper socks, but I'm glad I did. They are not only warm, but fun, and the pink and orange brightened my day right away.

2) Something green and growing, preferably with a pretty scent.

I bought this hyacinth at Trader Joe's last week for $2.99. It was an impulse at the end of my shopping trip. I have gotten infinite pleasure every time I walk into my kitchen and the aroma alone is a treat. There are still buds to come and I am enjoying it immensely. The Delft tile in the background was bought during a trip to the Netherlands in 1966 and was in my mother's kitchen for many years. This plant may be the best purchase of the winter.

3) Hot Beverages

I started the day with a pot of coffee and enjoyed it with vanilla creamer. I moved on to spearmint herbal tea and both made for a cozy day. I usually drink out of a mug, but for my tea I switched to this pretty cup.

I'm not posting a picture of myself in my single digit attire, but it includes my favorite winter fabric, fleece. I'm wearing a lilac fleece sweater and feeling very cozy.

There's nothing fancy, expensive or complicated in this post, but the combination of the three has lifted my spirits immeasurably. Until the next warm day -- which is looking like Sunday -- I'll be in fleece and fun socks, enjoying coffee and the aroma of hyacinths.

I'm joining The Enchanting Rose, one of my favorite places in BlogLand for Roses of Inspiration.

As always, thanks for visiting. Take good care and keep cozy.


Simply Linda said...

$2.99!! That's a deal!!! It was minus 28 wc here on the western side of NY this am. It was so cold and windy, the transformers blew and school -afternoon classes cancelled..anyways--I totally agree with your socks! Loveeeee them. Thanks for the smiles. Blessings

Nellie said...

Wonderful suggestions for sending the winter doldrums on the way! We had those cold temps here last week midst two ice events that also included snow! Melting finally began to make a difference yesterday, but we awoke to what became four inches of new snow! More predicted for tomorrow night! Winter has its hold on us! Stay safe and warm!

Sola Scriptura said...

Good advice! I went for a walk this morning and got caught in some freezing rain and high winds. I can't wait until spring.

Barb said...

You also lifted MY spirits! I am a lover of fleece, spring blooms, hot beverages, and fun socks - especially in dreary weather.

Jacquelineand.... said...

Great ideas that brought a smile to my face; thank you!


-3 degrees here this morning, so I feel your pain. looks like you have some nice ideas to nip winter in the bud. I think i will steal one of those ideas from you, the aroma of hyacinths. Stay warm.

Scrappy quilter said...

Wonderful advice. Nothing like a warm cup of tea or hot chocolate on cold weather. Our winter has been wonderful with +17C on many days and we have no snow even though we are in Canada!!

Mevely317 said...

Adorable socks!
... They remind me of Chicklets!

I heard on this morning's news that we're experiencing lower-than-normal temps -- followed by another announcers remark: "Lower-than-normal is always a good thing in Phoenix!"
What a crazy year. Stay warm!!!

Melinda said...

Love the socks!!!

Stay warm my friend.

Try some warm soup too.

M :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is hard to find something to cheer us up these very cold days. I've been hit with the doldrums too. We do need to look for things to cheer us up and it looks like you've done a wonderful job of it. Hyacinths are fragrant and a reminder that Spring really is not so very far away now.

Theresa said...

Oh a cold day here in the South, you will find me in fleece too:) My favorite socks are fleece, my robe is fleece and I am wearing booties made by one of my blog friends! Enjoy your day dear friend, stay warm! HUGS!

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Those are all great ideas to shake the winter blues away.

peggy said...

I like coffee in a fire king mug but I want a pretty cup for my tea. It is really cold here too. We have had enough.

Sr. Ann Marie said...

Love the socks! I have a few pairs of them also. It's been frigid here in Aston, PA (near Philadelphia) as well. I'm wearing double and sometimes triple layers. Yet in spite of the cold, the sun is so bright that I had to lower the blinds in my office because the glare was so bright on the computer!

Annesphamily said...

I love those socks! I have two pairs of lavender socks, one with polka dots and one that is plain. They always cheer me up in this snowy weather! I just ordered a new stash of tea because I like my morning joe but as the day wears on I love my tea. I need to try some spearmint, I have a sugar problem so I keep hearing that if you drink mint tea it helps not crave such sweet things! Recently, although I am probably the only person on earth not seeing Downtown Abbey, I did buy some Brambleberry Tea with a DA theme. Love it so much! This was a terrific share Carol, have a beautiful night and stay safe and warm. Hugs!

Stephanie said...

Simply wonderful, my friend :) You ave shared such sweet ideas! Thank you so much for sharing at Roses of Inspiration.

Also, thank you for the extra sweet e-card :) I am so happy to hear you package arrived and I hope you're enjoying the coffee. I had lots of fun putting everything together for you. Happy weekend! Hugs!