Friday, November 21, 2014

First Thanksgiving Foodie Friday

I'm delighted to have a guest post this Foodie Friday, my good friend, Carol G., who blogs at "Wheat-Free Dairy-Free Kitchen." Carol has many wonderful attributes. She is funny, intelligent and a kind and loving friend. She is also one of the all-time best cooks anywhere. I have had many years of wonderful every day meals and holiday celebrations with her. Though you may not have any specific interest in gluten free or dairy free recipes, her recipes are always delicious. I am grateful for many good meals cooked by Carol, as well as the gift of her friendship.  I can't think of a better way of thinking about the blessings at this time of year than by sharing Carol's thoughtful post. 
It's Wednesday night (oops, just turned Thursday morning) and I'm writing my guest post for Buttercup.  This is as far as I'd gotten:
My First Thanksgiving
I hope my title is not misleading; it’s not a memory of my first Thanksgiving. Honestly I don’t remember my first Thanksgiving because it was soooooo long ago. I  usually go to either my cousin or my sister-of-choice to spend the holiday with their families.  This year the "kids" (now in their 30's and 40's) were going to the in-laws and both of my hosts were not planning on cooking.  It seemed only fair that I pick up the slack - so this is the first Thanksgiving I am hosting…and I’m really excited. I love to cook and I love to entertain.  For me, opening the dining room table and using my best china and silver is always a thrill.
I happen to be one of those awful guests who has multiple food restrictions and every year I assure my hostess that I will not have a problem finding something to eat. But besides the turkey and whatever dish I bring, I really have few choices unless I want to eat outside my usual parameters. This year I can eat everything!  It hadn't occurred to me when I volunteered to host my usual hosts that I would have this extra bonus.
when my dog, Bella Blue Cheese insisted that she needed to go out.
Bella Bleu Cheese
Bella Blue Cheese
We went on our usual late at night walk around the corner where I was struck by this sight
CIMG1009  CIMG1005
outside of Hale and Hearty soup restaurant
There are so many ironies here.  I was about to complain in my post about how deprived I felt at the Thanksgiving table (and give you tips for accommodating guests with allergies) yet I had just come home from cooking butternut squash soup (the same as the one advertised in this window) for the soup kitchen my synagogue runs on Thursdays (and I've been cooking for for the last 20 years).
Later this morning I will be handing out these cards to the 30 or so, mostly male, hard core homeless that line up for free breakfast at the church next door to my apartment. So you see, I'm very familiar with the problem of hunger and homelessness here in the city...but to be reminded so graphically that there are people going through restaurant garbage to find a meal hits me in a different way completely.
With Thanksgiving right around the corner; knowing I will be eating a delicious gluten-free dairy-free meal with people I care deeply about; makes me all the more aware of how blessed I am.  I am blessed with a home I love, plenty of food to eat, work that I thoroughly enjoy (I write a food blog); a large circle of friends and family I love,  a huge community of caring people; and the gift of helping others less fortunate.
With all these blessings, along with the blessing of many years of friendship with our Buttercup, I want to give thanks and wish a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Carol Gelles Wheat-free Diary-Free Kitchen Blog
Carol Gelles
 BTW today's post on my blog is about accommodating guests with allergies, if you would like those tips I was thinking of publishing here.

I'll be doing at least one other Thanksgiving post in the next week, but tonight I am grateful for good health, good friends and a warm and cozy apartment. What are your thoughts tonight?

As always, thanks for visiting and take good care!


Terra said...

Buttercup your guest sounds like a wonderful host and cook. Our family has no food restrictions so Thanksgiving is "easy" for us.

Nellie said...

My Friday night thoughts? We've a new Internet provider now, and I'm hoping there will not be difficulties with keeping up my usual pace.:-) Our family is liberally peppered with vegetarians, so that will be my challenge. There are also those who are restricting wheat and dairy, though not due to allergies.


LOVED your guest post. I will have my best friend check out your blog. Her DIL has food allergies and it's difficult for her to feel comfortable eating out.

Susie said...

Buttercup, This was an interesting post. We have many new programs in our area for the hungry. Churches serving meals once a pantries, and community meals on Thanksgiving. Sad that some are hungry and homeless.xoxo,Susie

Jacquelineand.... said...

What a lovely post, and an even lovelier guest blogger. Thanks so much for sharing her with us; off to check out her blog now!

Sola Scriptura said...

Food allergies can be such a problem. My husband has allergies and I eat mostly vegetables (ok, mostly vegetables AND chocolate). It is lovely to have a holiday meal with lots of options for people with food restrictions. Lovely post :)