Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Day/Mountain Day

When I first moved to New York City in 1975 I thought I would live here for at most two years and then move somewhere quieter, cleaner and less crowded. But after two years I had a job I loved at the Museum of Natural History. I had made friends and was beginning to really enjoy New York, though I still thought it was too noisy, too dirty and too crowded. Almost forty years later I still dislike noise and crowds and try to avoid the worst of it. But sometimes, like tonight, I find myself in the middle of the din of the city.

This was my view tonight, looking uptown from Times Square at the evening rush hour, with what seemed like a million honking horns for background music. As much as I try and avoid being in the middle of thousands of people, I had theater tickets a few blocks away and was meeting a friend for dinner. Dinner was fun and the play, Shaw's "You Never Can Tell," was well worth the noise and crowding.

While I was in the midst of the most urban experience it was Mountain Day at Mount Holyoke, where I went to college. Mount Holyoke is in a small town in Western Massachusetts and one day each autumn classes are cancelled and students are encouraged to enjoy the beautiful New England countryside. This tradition began in 1838, the year after the college was founded. It's not announced ahead of time and it's always a wonderful surprise. The scenery looks like this...

 I love New York, but looking at these pictures brings back memories of the glory of New England in the fall. As soon as my boot is history I'm declaring a Buttercup Mountain Day and I'll be off to New England for some sweet leaf time.

I hope you get some leaf time this season. As always thanks for visiting and take good care of yourself.


Anonymous said...

So glad you enjoyed dinner with a friend and the play. I've always wanted to see New England in Autumn. Thanks for sharing these photos. Have a nice day.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

To us who live in the quiet countryside (sometimes too quiet), your picture of Times Square looks so exciting. I lived there the first 16 years of my life and had a love/hate relationship with it.

I can tell you that now, after hours of raking leaves and knowing that there will be just as many there the next day, I want to get on a train to NY, walk into the bar at the Marriott Marquis and look out at all the lights of the city and enjoy.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can't imagine what it would be like to be downtown in your city, but you do have some great benefits we don't have. Leaf time is something I always enjoy. I don't go to the mountains but can look right out my front door. There are piles of golden leaves right in my yard. The tree on the curb lawn is always the first on the street to turn color and drop leaves. It is beautiful right now.

Nellie said...

We have been to New England twice, in October both times. It is a very special time!

I hope you are making swift steps toward the removal of that boot!

Thank you so much, Buttercup, for the card we received in the mail yesterday. That was a very thoughtful act on your part.

Sometimes we must pay an extra price (noise and crowds) for the reward of dinner and an enjoyable play!

Have a good Wednesday!

Mevely317 said...

This reminds me of Neil Diamond's "Beautiful Noise" ... I can't relate, but it's so interesting to take an imagination break now and then!

Hurry and get that boot off, OK and let us fantasize about being in New England, too! :)


Melinda said...

Oh, so pretty!

M :)