Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remembering September 11, 2001

An odd thought came to me when I was walking over to my polling site yesterday. My first thought was that the air felt like the air on September 11, 2001. But then I quickly changed my mind and said to myself, "No, it was just a little cooler that day. The air feels too heavy today." I don't think there are any other days of my life when I can remember how the air felt, or what I was doing or what I was thinking at almost any given moment. But as we all know, September 11, 2001 wasn't any other day. This was the day when I, my colleagues, some of the friends I love best in the world and my city became a part of history. I've written about this day every year that I've blogged and this link best tells my story.

Today, as always, to the memory of those who went to work on a beautiful September day and didn't come home. We will never forget you.

 Rebuilding, April 2013 


Melinda said...

It is a tough day for all
but I can't imgagine what
a day it was for all affected
by this tragedy!

M :)

Cathyjo said...

A day we all will remember always.And as I was thinking of NY I thought of you.I had you in my prayers. I have never been to NY City. I was bron in Walton,NY. Take care.Hugs.

Nellie said...

I have no idea what it must have been like to be in NYC on that day. I know that I will always remember. Sending hugs. Nellie

Lynn said...

I cannot say more than the ladies above..I cannot even imagine what you and all the others went through, tragic!

Mevely317 said...

I'd say, "there are no words" ... but of course, I've thousands of them ... and none make sense. Even 12 years later, I'm a bit surprised at the depth of (my) emotions ... for the life of me, I couldn't focus yesterday.
And you lived it.
Unimaginable for those of us on the outside.
Still, I think it's like we're all joining hands. I appreciate this share!

GardenOfDaisies said...

Oh my, I had no idea that you were that close to being in the building that fell. So glad you were kept safe.


We will NEVER forget.

BJ PUP said...

The air that day was crisp and clear. i stood in my office on the 45th floor and had a clear view of the tower burning. I watched as the first tower disappear.

Lynda said...

It was truly a horrible, scarey day. If I had one thing to do over that day, it would have been to check my daughter out of high school - - - just because. The school said they were continuing classes as normal - - but it was not a normal day.