Saturday, May 4, 2013

Pink Fifth Avenue

I took the day off from work to do some errands that could only be done on a weekday. In a burst of energy and because it was a gorgeous May day I found myself walking a lot more than I had planned. My walk included Fifth Avenue at noon time. It's not often that I've found myself in Midtown Manhattan in the middle of the day in the middle of the week. I'd forgotten how crowded it is, and how much fun it is. Because I knew that Pink Saturday was coming up I decided we would go Pink Fifth Avenue for our Pink Saturday  fun.

There's some fancy shopping on Fifth Avenue, some of it right in our pink world.  The background at Gucci is pink as is the outfit stage center. I didn't check the prices. I was already in a state of shock after I did ask about some body lotion -- it felt terrific -- that was $180.00 in Bendel's. I thanked the woman kindly and made my way out the door. I was sure that I would faint away if I asked the price at Gucci.

But just across the street I found some pretty pink bags that are much more in line with my budget. I like the pink sunglasses, too.

Yesterday I did a lot of running around, and today I am having a much more leisurely day. I'm having dinner with friends in Brooklyn tonight and have a few quick errands later this afternoon. But the majority of my has been spent reading the New York Times and a book that I am enjoying very much. I hope everyone else is having a sweet Saturday and a happy Derby Day!


Jeanne said...

Hi Carol, just walking down the streets in Manhattan would be a pleasure for me.I was in Manhattan for a week with my four sisters. We had the time of our lives. Enjoy your evening.
xo, Jeanne

Nellie said...

I always love your pictures of life in your part of the world.

Someone once told me that if I had to ask the price of something in a store, that I probably didn't belong in the store! I had a big laugh about that one!:-)

Pondside said...

It has been so many years since I was on Fifth Avenue. Thirty-five years ago I had a wonderful old landlady on the Main Line who had a pied a terre in an apartment building at Lexington or Park and E 71st (I think I remember correctly). What a treat it was to go into the city and to be able to walk everywhere. I particularly remember The Frick, which seemed to right around the corner.

Lynda said...

I LOVE those pink flowers in your first photo. You sound wonderfully upbeat and happy - - but how could a person not be on such a gorgeous day?!!!

Maggid said...

Happy Derby Day!!!
(Really? Downtown at noon-ish? You are one patient & bold lady.)
love & love,


Love the handbags. Colorful indeed. Wore my hat. Saw the Derby. I'm a happy girl. Hope you are too.

Stephanie said...

Oh how fun! The purses are lovely and $180.00 for lotion ...really?! Wow :)

Hugs to you!

Melinda said...

What a fun walk!

I think I would have fainted too.
Goodness-it better be some darned good lotion!!

M :)

Terra said...

That was a productive and enjoyable walk. Did you go back and buy the $180 lotion? Giggle.

Barb said...

I love taking walks around the neighborhood, sometimes by myself, though it's always good to have company. I love lotions and colognes, perfumers...girl stuff, but lotion at 4180? I don't think so. :)

The flowers at top of post are beautiful. Glad you had such a fun day.

Anonymous said...

What a treat for you to share your walk around Manhattan with us. Lovely pinks! Have an enjoyable rest of the day.

Ms Sparrow said...

What could possibly be in lotion that would cost $180? I only go in stores like that to laugh at the prices.