Sunday, April 7, 2013

Happy Spring!

I think we've turned the corner into spring. It was in the 50s today and a little nippy, but tomorrow is supposed to be warmer and I will be surprised to see snow again until next winter.

I'm back to the Blogging A to Z Challenge tomorrow. We're going off Broadway for a landmark "G" and I am happy to inform all that I've found H, I and J. I was beginning to get worried, especially about I.

I'm still having problems with Pinterest and I am at a loss how to solve them. I can show favorites on Facebook, but cannot embed them on the blog. This is the new updated Pinterest, but I would happily return to the old Pinterest, which was such a pleasure for me. Has anyone solved the Pinterest blog problem after updating?

I had a fun day with my friend Mary and her visitor, Pat. We had lunch together, did some walking and shopping. The latter was almost entirely window shopping, so it was also an economical afternoon.

Have a Great Monday! 
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