Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ten Thoughts for 2013...I am a Writer

This tenth thought is the most daring, the most spontaneous, and the closest to dancing on a high wire.  It's the big dream of 2013. When I put my list of thoughts for 2013 together one of the thoughts was writing a novel. But as the ten days went by I became reluctant to put the thought out publicly. The "What ifs..." played in my head. What if I stopped working full-time and didn't get past the first chapter and what if...and what if...?

But my sweet blog friend from the Netherlands,Soraya, asked in a comment, "Are you a writer?" That simple question inspired me to honesty in the safest environment I know, and I am happy to say yes, my friends, I am a writer. My goal for this year is to pursue my dream of writing longer pieces than the brochures and newsletters I've written to earn a living these last thirty years. I've got two ideas in mind. One is a mystery novel, my favorite fun genre. The other is a short book on public speaking. I've started work on the public speaking book and hope to publish it in electronic form by the end of this year.

These are my ten thoughts for 2013. Health, travel, reading, enjoying New York City and pursuing a dream of my heart. Mix in time with family and friends, a big measure of prayer and we're on our way. Thanks so much for sharing the journey!
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