Tuesday, January 1, 2013

(En)joy...My Perfect Word for 2013

No, I don't know Lucy and Sam, but these fun decorations caught my eye on Pinterest and nicely illustrate my word for 2013. My word(s) for last year were (Embrace) Change. I started with all good intents, but friends, I failed miserably. I didn't embrace change, but rather got pushed along by the winds of change, kicking and screaming. I was nowhere close to any embrace of change. Yes, there were several major issues that were challenges, challenges of illness and natural disaster. But the big looming personal issue of retirement rose like a shadow over the year. I had a number of solid reasons for postponing it, but in back of it all, I am scared of loneliness and worried about money. There, it's out in the open.

I am by nature serious, and, at times quite a worrier. It's served me well at work, where being a worrier is often useful. But it's not fun. As I move forward into this next phase it's time for less worry and more fun. It's time for joy and to enjoy all the days that are given to me. (En)joy!

For the next ten days I will be posting about the ten things I want to explore in 2013. Some have to do with this blog -- nothing earth shattering -- just a few things I would like to add. Others are about places I hope to visit and things I want to do.

The new year is off to a good start. The day is clear and I walked a mile in the course of my errands. Walking has been difficult and it felt great to be able to accomplish this. It was easy last year at this time to walk a mile and I want it to be just as easy in the new year. I went to Michael's -- Valentine's Day is just around the corner -- Home Goods and Whole Foods. I tried a new bagel store in the neighborhood and they had great coffee. I've had a wonderful time visiting blog buddies all over the world. That latter especially is a joy and I wish you all...

Joy in 2013

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