Monday, December 24, 2012

Pinterest Christmas Eve

One package of oreos, five cups of marshmallows and four tablespoons of butter and you have "Lumps of Coal." They're just like rice crispie treats, but made with oreos. Even not-so-good girls and boys get a treat with these lumps of coal in their stockings.

In the bustle of cooking, wrapping and last minute errands, wishes for moments of joy, peace and serenity, on Christmas Eve and every day of the year. Love to all, near and far!


Susie said... those lumps of coal look tasty. I do love chocolate. I have so much enjoyed your NYC pictures. What is nice, is when I can recall seeing some of the places from our trip in August. I am wishing you a Christmas day of joy and love. xoxo,Susie

It's me said...

Merry merry Xmas from me ...enjoy these days.....thanks for your you


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Best wishes of Joy and Peace to you too!

Lauren Davenport said...

Those Oreo treats sound delicious! Have a wonderful Christmas day.

Melinda said...

Hope your Christmas is wonderful!

I got your card--it was great.

M :)

Ms Sparrow said...

Have a lovely day, Buttercup!

Mevely317 said...

OMG, I totally missed this. And darn, if I didn't immediately have some recipients in mind! lol.
God willing, there's always next year!
Hugs from Phoenix,