Saturday, December 15, 2012

Capturing December...Reflection

In the days and weeks following September 11 I heard and read many things that made me sad. One of these things was that the murders on September 11 were the result of "America's activities." This idea made me livid eleven years ago and it still makes me livid. The thought that came into my mind was that we -- I was just a few blocks away -- just went to work and deserved to come home. Of course three thousand of us didn't come home that night.

In the years that have followed I have added other things to my list. People should be able to go to the movies and come home safely, to the mall and come home safely and to college classes and come home safely. They should be able to go to high school and worship and shop in a strip mall on a Saturday morning, and yes, come home. The one place that didn't cross my mind was kindergarten. Of course five year old children going to kindergarten should go off in the morning and come home with their coloring to their parents in the afternoon. Of course...

Yesterday I learned that nothing can be considered "of course."  I realize I should have learned this over the years, but this last lesson seemed so basic. We live in a broken and tragic world, and in Jewish tradition it is our responsibility to heal the world. How will we do this? I know there are no easy answers, but I also know that it is my responsibility to work to find some answers.  

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