Monday, December 3, 2012

Capturing December...Red!

Three for three! I'm really enjoying "Capturing December" as well as going back and looking at the pictures I've taken the last few Decembers. What fun memories! There are a few that are perfect to illustrate today's theme, "Red."

I couldn't resist this one. Though it's not a great picture, it's a great illustration for "Red" and it ties in with yesterday's post about "Miracle on 34th Street." It's also from my Macy's visit two years ago.

Another red decoration at Macy's

Red cake boxes at Mike's Deli on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. I visited here last December and had some of the best food ever. 

Pepe Le Monkee, all in red! 

Wishes for a warm and festive Monday!
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