Friday, December 28, 2012

(Another) Miracle on 34th Street

There are two places that say Christmas in New York to me. One is Rockefeller Center and the other is Macy's. Years of viewing "Miracle on Thirty Fourth Street" made Macy's a mandatory stop every Christmas. For years I worked across the street and visited the store two or three times a week. But nineteen years ago I changed jobs and my trips to Macy's became much less frequent.

I hadn't been to Macy's since I had surgery in June and was overwhelmed at the thought of braving the crowds. I had pretty much decided I wouldn't make it this year, but a stalled subway train tonight put me at the station near Macy's and I trooped over to see the decorations. The crowds were there and there was a little too much pushing for my taste, but happily I got my visit, some pictures to share, and survived the crowds. (Another) miracle on 34th Street.

This display was overhead at the entrance at Seventh Avenue

Twinkling lights and "Believe" set the theme

A glittery theme in the jewelry department

Tonight begins my long, long weekend. I'm not working on Monday and am so excited to have four days in a row. I'll be spending New Year's eve with my bible study group friends and seeing my goddaughter on Monday, but otherwise I have few formal plans. I'm going to sleep in, blog, read magazines and drink coffee. I'm going to watch the predicted snow fall and be so grateful that I don't have to go out tomorrow and slip and slide on the way to work.     

I'll leave you with this wish from Macy's...
And cozy!
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