Monday, October 1, 2012

No-Spending October

In January I was horrified at the state of my apartment. There was too much stuff. I made a conscious decision to buy nothing that wasn't immediately useful and to clear out all the things that had accumulated over the holiday season. I loved my no-spending January, and followed it with low-spending February.  I did well until my health issues began in April and both no-spending and decluttering went on the back burner to focus on surgery and recovery.

I am still in a recovery mode -- I will be seeing a rehabilitation physician in two weeks -- but I am back to working full-time and being much less conscious of how I spend money. Though my thoughts in the summer were very much turned to retiring from my job, in the last few weeks I've put those thoughts aside for the next few months and plan to work indefinitely. As I get back to a much more routine life I've also thought of another no-spending month, especially to get my apartment neater and more organized before Thanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas.

My only planned purchase for this month is a new printer cartridge. I do want to have one of my winter jackets spruced up -- it's missing a snap and needs cleaning -- but that saves the price of a new jacket. My boots are good from two years ago and I bought new shoes in the summer. I have shampoo, toothpaste and dish soap and if I run out of conditioner, it's time to use the samples I've accumulated.

My goals -- I'm going to prune a dozen books from my library, donate two bags of clothes and shred two bags of paper. I also want to once again go through drawers and closet and find what's no longer wearable. There's nothing like public accountability and I will report back here on my efforts on November 1.

I'm taking the motto at the top of this post as my motto for the month and focus in many ways on what's important. Hugs and good wishes, dear friends, for October! 


Mimi said...

GREAT IDEA!!!!Although we leave soon for a the NO spending option will not work for us right now!!
BUT i think you can NO not buying what is not needed.....the buying just because is what is wrong...we want ...we have to have is a bad trend to get into....and I have 2 young grands would I could buy what ever they want...but am I teaching them the right thing??? some point we will be retired and living on a fixed income and no more buying for them everytime they want something...we do not want spoiled brats for grands....So I love your idea!!!I just may really do this all the time....Say to myself...Do I really need this???Is it going to impact my life in some special way??????
HOLIDAY Decor always gets me.....but I honestly think I am not going to BUY any new stuff!!!
THANKS for this!!
So glad you are continuing your care and seeing this new Dr.

Lorraine said...

Hello Buttercup! I have been going through every part of the house and making decisions (sometimes hard ones) to lighten the amount of things we have in our home. One of my goals was to get my new-to-me car in our garage and I finally succeeded this weekend. I still have a few bigger pieces that I really want to keep but just not sure where to store them. I have been blogging less (well, still reading blogs just not commenting as much and also posting less) to free up time to do this big overhaul. Living lighter is better for me :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

This is a good month to consider no spending. With the holidays coming there will be plenty of spending being done come November and December. My freezer seems full so is the pantry, so it's time to use up some of what I have there.

Sheilagh said...

I love this idea, you have me thinking ..... xxx

Catherine said...

Dear Buttercup, I will be no spending months for a while. I am finishing up on a divorce and don't really now where the money is going to come from. I am in imagination mode to make money at the this time. I need to preserve as much money as I can right now. I am on this walk with you.
I hope you are feeling good. Blessings dear friend and a hug. Catherine xo

Barb said...

Hello again. This post of yours gave us all something to think about. I'd started a get house in order chore list and got halfway through when husband went on hospice so for now everything is pretty much on hold. When things get back on track, however long that may be, I plan to start anew. Thanks for the reminder. It gives me something to look forward too down the way, something to help me get through the difficult days ahead.

Theresa said...

You inspire me:) Hope I can do some decluttering too! HUGS!

Nancy Claeys said...

I'm with you! I quit going to the thrift stores some time back to cut back on buying useless nic-nacs. Also need to do another clothes declutter. Good luck with your rehab. :)

Ms Sparrow said...

Yes! I must fight the urge to "stock up" and use what I have on hand. I want to trim back the credit card debt too. Thanks for the incentive!

Amrita said...

That' s really good BC. Go d has blessed you

Susie said...

I hope you get fully recovered. When I am sick is when I panic and think GAAAA, I have got to clean out my closets and the drawers. I think every drawer I have is a junk drawer. I love when I don't spend money. But sometimes it's hard to do. I love the new motto very much. Smiles, xo, Susie

Maggid said...

Adding my own efforts to yours.
Be Well, Wonderful Friend!
love & love,

Nellie said...

I ought to be able to join you in one of these goals, Buttercup! I just don't seem able to do so at this point. I am pleased, however, that I spent less in September than I did in August! That says a lot!:)

Melissa said...

I, too, have decided to be on a no-spend October. I think it will feel liberating! I tried to do it last month, but we took a trip and things got out of hand. Best of luck to you!