Monday, October 15, 2012

(Maybe) When I'm 64!

I am a tremendous fan of the Beatles, and often Beatles' lyrics swirl in my head. Once I entered my sixties "When I'm 64" frequently buzzed in my brain. I was in my teens when I first heard this song and 64 was light years away.

One of the things that's been most in my mind for the last year has been the thought of retiring from my job. When I had my surgery in the spring I was sure that I would retire this fall. I would go back to work for a few months and tidy up some projects and then retire -- Now! As now is coming and going I realized several weeks ago that I had done nothing to retire. I'd made none of the appointments I needed to make. I'd done none of the paperwork and actually had no interest in doing so. It was an astounding realization. I felt better (thankfully!) and I wanted to keep working. I really wasn't minding it at all.

I also realized I had few plans beyond this hazy idea of retiring. Most of it was not knowing how I would feel and how much energy I would have. My surgery was a big hiccup on the road. Not planning isn't like me. Generally I am a good planner and now I've jumped back into making plans. This is probably the best sign of recovery. I bought a theater ticket, made medical appointments and put in for a week of vacation this winter.    I'm even thinking of a vacation for next winter (2014!) Anyone interested in Antarctica?

The future can hold many things we can't foresee, but for now imminent retirement is shelved and my next goal is retiring in two years from now..."When I'm 64." 
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