Thursday, October 4, 2012

I'd Like to be Your

Instagram Buddy! How about it?

My friends, I am head over heels in love. It took months, but what started as "just friends" has progressed to full fledged love. 

What is Instagram? It's a photo sharing and editing application for cell phones and it is really, really fun.

I took a workshop in the winter on learning to use Instagram. It was nearby, it was free and I thought it would be fun. At that time Instagram was only available for the iPhone, which I didn't have. I thought it was interesting, but not something that I was especially excited about. Sometime in the spring it became available for android phones and I downloaded it. I didn't do much with it until a few weeks ago. I started to experiment with it and liked the different editing tools that were available. I was pleased with the photos I was taking with my phone and enjoyed sharing them on facebook. As I began to use Instagram I began to get feedback from friends and strangers, and I've really enjoyed seeing my friends' photos and those of people I've met on Instagram.   

If anyone else is an Instagram fan I am buttercupnyc and I'd like to be your Instagram buddy!  
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