Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Thin Degree of Separation from Lady Gaga and Suri Cruise

Did you ever imagine that this would be so? I didn't, but it is. Who knew!

I have just spent the last hour reading every blog post I've ever done. I had a memory of doing a post about being two degrees of separation from Lady Gaga. I am and via me, so are you, but I can't find this post. I found posts about degrees of separation from Meryl Streep and Sir Paul McCartney, but not Lady Gaga. 
Since this post seems to exist only in my memory I will explain how we are connected to both Lady Gaga and Suri, and by extension Suri's very famous parents.

This fall, my friend, T's daughter, K. will be a senior at the The Convent of the Sacred Heart, a terrific school in Manhattan. Lady Gaga is graduate of the school, where her sister is still in the high school -- our degree of separation -- and Suri will start school there in the fall. Of course my source of information for Suri's education is a television entertainment show, but K's aunt -- my dear friend, Mary -- also heard this on "Entertainment Tonight." Until Suri is photographed in a uniform from another school -- and we see that on "Entertainment Tonight" -- we will assume this is true.

I generally don't keep up with breaking celebrity news to this degree, or almost any degree. But having watched television many hours a day while I was home convalescing I feel I am now somewhat of an expert on celebrity issues. Generally my information comes from reading magazines in the supermarket checkout line, but I now I have much more in-depth sources, television shows.

That's our celebrity news today. I hope our brush with fame brings you a smile.  


Paula said...

That is interesting! I read People Magazine (my guilty pleasure) to get the celebrity news. I have a rule that if I don't know who is on the cover, I don't buy the magazine!

Ms Sparrow said...

The broad variety of contacts that your blog provides would give you an astounding number of low degrees of separation from all of humanity!

Melinda said...

Good to know. Small world.

M :)

Mimi said...

THAT INDEED counts as you and Suri and LADY G to be somewhat connected!!!!!Yeah for that!!!I do Play the Brush with fame game...and the rules(my rules) are broad...just be within same breathing space and have Met!!!
SO I am hoping little SURI does attend there school.....I feel bad for the young girl...all this attention and all....
Now I wonder where your lady G post went????
HOpe you find it!!


I've always wanted to be one of GaGa's little monsters. NOW I'm in the loop. And Suri is such a fashionista, I can NOT imagine her in a uniform. Thanks for the entertainment news and putting us one step closer to celebrity.

Theresa said...

I watch too much TV but had not heard this bit of news:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Something like that could only happen in a place like New York. Hope your work week has been a good one for you there. We are still very dry here with no rain, but it has cooled down.

Nancy M. said...

I've heard that's where she'll be going also. How cool! She's such a pretty little girl, I hope she does okay up there.