Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy and Glorious!

G'd Save the Queen

This collection of tapestries was created for Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee, which is taking place this weekend. I saw them at the Architectural Digest Show in March and filed them away for the Buttercupland Salute to the Jubilee. One of goals for the next few years, is to visit England and a special celebration like this one would be a terrific treat. Since I can't be in the U.K. to celebrate in person I send my best wishes for a sunny and happy weekend and years of good health for the Queen and peace for her country and the rest of the world. 


Terra said...

I echo your good wishes for the queen and her country, and I greatly admire her.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous artwork! Wishing you a restful night and a good day tomorrow.

Mimi said...

Since Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth both became ruling Monarchs at Such an incredibly YOUNG AGE...NO one I doubt will ever Witness 60 years as a reigning Monarch again!!!So this is HISTORY!!!!
Enjoy it, I know I am!!
BY the way....ENGLAND is Amazing!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It would be wonderful to visit England and thanks to many blogger friends there I have seen quite a bit of it too. Arm chair travel is my specialty. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Sheilagh said...

Trish, Marie and myself are patiently waiting for you to come over:) Marie wants us to have an English Tea Party in your honour.

So get yourself well my dear and lets get to it;)



Theresa said...

Happy Day for the Queen! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Ms Sparrow said...

I'm just as glad not to be in London right now. It must be a nightmare of congestion. I fancy I'll get together with the Queen another time!

Nellie said...

I'd really love to be able to watch some of the festivities on TV. I remember when Queen Elizabeth was crowned, but only from newspaper coverage. There was no TV where I was then.
I echo your Jubilee wishes for the Queen!

Nellie said...

Just read your comment on my blog! Exciting to read that you were once in N'ville. That is home for our oldest, where we visited last week-end!