Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It Might As Well Be Spring

...and it was today, even if the calendar said January.  

I haven't shared any music in a long time -- maybe last spring? -- but this song was going through my mind all afternoon. I listened to several versions and my choices came down to Frank Sinatra and this wistful version by Audra McDonald. I love Frank Sinatra, but I also think the world of Audra McDonald, who is presently starring in a revival of  "Porgy and Bess" on Broadway. A number of years ago I saw her in "Carousel" at Lincoln Center. It was one of the best versions of any musical anywhere and at anytime. 

This is why "It Might as Well Be Spring" was going though my mind. The dark green patch at the bottom of the picture are bulbs sprouting out of the ground and yes, there is grass in Central Park in January, real genuine grass. There is not a drop of snow anywhere.   

As a postscript to my travails with my dental insurance the postman brought my check yesterday, and for this round, all's well that ends well. Hopes and prayers that your day was as green and golden as mine.  



Perfect song for this mild winter. With thoughts of springtime all around. It got up to almost 60 here yesterday. Sun shining. Blue skies. So I understand your delight in the green grass and bulbs in Central Park. Savor the moment. PS) I LOVE Audra McDonald. She has the voice of an ANGEL. Take care.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We too had a spring like day here to finish off January. Very unusual but very welcome. Our temps were comparable to mid April weather and the sun was shining. What a wonderful blessing it was here in mid winter when we all needed it.

Theresa said...

It is Spring-like here in the South too! It makes me want to get outside:) There is still much to do inside but heck... it can wait! Have a blessed day in your beautiful City! HUGS!

Ms Sparrow said...

Enjoy your lovely spring weather!