Monday, December 26, 2011

Quiet Time in the Countryside

I don't know if you feel the same way, but I find it hard to transition from the excitement of Christmas to the quieter time that follows it. I usually feel a real letdown when Christmas is over and the winter looms ahead. I'm making every effort this year to acknowledge this and to gently ease into the post celebration mode. I'm going to take a few visits this week to some lovely and quiet times I had during the year and share them with you.

I spent the first weekend in December visiting my fifth grade best friend, Lonni, in Connecticut. We had a wonderful visit and one fun memory was a visit to Holcomb Farm in West Granby, CT. It is a beautiful working farm that offers community programs. We made our visit for a craft fair and to listen to holiday music from local musicians. What a peaceful and lovely place.

The sock animals were favorites of mine!

I had a wonderful day with friends yesterday. In the morning I had a mini-reunion breakfast with a group of friends I worked with twenty five years ago to welcome our friend, Sharon, who was visiting from California and in the evening had dinner with friends I have celebrated Christmas with for the last decade. Lots of laughter, conversation and affection, and I have been counting my blessings all day today.

To all my blog friends, a wish for quiet times, happy celebrations and many blessings! 


LDH said...

Hello Friend!

Your time in the countryside sounds perfect as did your mini-reunion breakfast.

I am one of the few people that loves January. After all of the activity and responsibilities that seem to start in August around here, I really appreciate the down time of the winter. January feels like a blank slate and I can get to some of the things I want to without a time frame or deadline. I am an organizer by nature so I spend time updating. I also love the white of winter (provided of course that there is snow) It is bright and clean and makes me feel happy :) I have already been getting excited about packing away all of the busyness of Christmas but not for a few more days when family has left.

Sending wishes for a very Happy New Year!

Marie said...

Great idea Buttercup! I think January can be a dismal month for a lot of people. Me, I like hunkering and being all cosy in my house with the Toddster and Mitzieboo. xxoo


The reunion breakfast sounds like fun. It's nice to see old friends. Also enjoyed seeing your visit to the countryside. You're right, it is peaceful there. I know what you mean about Winter, though. I'm not crazy about all the snow that usually comes with it. It's pretty to look at, but I hate driving in it. I keep the Christmas spirit with me year round, because we don't take down our tree. Every year I pray the lights still work, so I don't have to redo it. LOL Take care.

Anonymous said...

The farm sounds like a lovely place to visit. Those are the cutest sock pets - love that dog in the bottom right corner!

Wishing you a happy and healthy new year.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year ! !
May the year bring you Good Health & Happiness ! !

Ms Sparrow said...

I think the worst time is putting away all the Christmas decorations. The house always seems so bleak afterward!

Jeanette Levellie said...

I am feeling the let down, too, but trying to focus on my blessings. Thanks for helping me do that with these great photos!


Lynda said...

You find some really fun things to do on the weekend so maybe you will find some indoor fun things to blog about during the cold months. For instance, many of us might not ever get to visit the museums or stores in your area. Plus, you could blog about your favorite restaurants; sandwiches at those places; or soups you will cook.
I do NOT like the horrible heat and humidity of summer so winter months don't bother me too much. I guess it's cuz I like to be inside cuddled up with a good book when I don't have to work. As long as the roads don't have ice or snow, I am happy.