Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thankful in April...Tulip Time

Snuggled between apartment buildings is one of my favorite places in the neighborhood, the West Side Community Garden. It's only two blocks from my apartment building and in the spring and summer it's a favorite place for a visit. Last Sunday was the Tulip Fest and it was lovely. Spring flowers are one of the things I am especially thankful for.

There was a beautiful array of tulips and other spring flowers planted by members of the community.

Today is a rainy Saturday in New York City, but it warms me up to remember the bright sun of last weekend and the beautiful tulips.

In honor of the spring I'm hosting a spring giveaway! Tell me one of your your favorite spring memories and a little surprise may just be coming your way. The giveaway will run through the end of the week and the winner will be announced next Sunday, May 1.

Hugs and good wishes! 


Bernie said...

Love the flowers, just popped in to wish you a Happy Easter.....:-)Hugs

Steve Finnell said...

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SheRar said...

Love the tulips, the community garden looks a lovely place to relax and take in the rays:)




Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Easter Buttercup Sweetie...
What a glorious share today. I love the community garden and how wonderful to know that only 2 blocks away you can have a beautiful garden and get a little sunshine as well. How wonderful is that? I love the tulips, so pretty, and then you even have benches to sit awhile and enjoy the fresh fragrance of the flowers.

You mentioned my favorite Spring memory. That would be last year, seeing you for the first time at the bus stop, and going to the Arlington Cemetery together with Marydon and Harold. What a wonderful weekend we had. So much laughter, and lots of shares. Oh it was the BEST. I cannot believe that it has already been a year. Where has the time gone? No memory is better than sharing laughter and good times with family. You will always be my family sweet girl.

Have a glorious Easter weekend. No rain here, upper 80-90s today and clear through next week. Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

Anonymous said...

Continue to long to be in New York...based on your photo journal alone!

Marydon said...

Oh, phooey! Sis beat me to saying the same thing ... although I was thrilled to meet everyone ... sugar!

Listen to sis bragging (chuckle) about the heatwave she's having, ugh! We are freezing cold here.

What a darling garden park area to enjoy, Carol. I so love these sweet settings ...

Well, then I guess the next best thing will be 2 things actually ... one that we had Joshua in 1991 & are now preparing for our first great-grandchild in Sept ... AND ... I am tucking in a third, we are celebrating 50 next month.

Have a beautiful Easter season, my precious friend.
Hugs of love,
Harold & Marydon

Chatty Crone said...

Flowers have a great way of 'warming' the heart.

Happy Passover!


Amrita said...

Love thos e tulips - Happy Easter to you

Connie Arnold said...

I love the pictures, so bright and cheery. Thanks for sharing the colorful touch of spring!

Lynda said...

Don't you love the stately, graceful tulips?
Favorite spring memory - - - my husband and I lived close to Callaway Gardens the first couple of years we were married. We would go there fairly frequently. One year we were ready for winter to be done. It seemed to be a nice spring day so we decided to take a picnic and eat outside at Callaway. I made salads - - because it was lovely weather - - - - - for about an hour - - but not the hour outside. We sat out there shivering with teeth chattering for a few minutes because if we thought long enough that the weather was pretty, we were sure it would warm up. We finally submitted to nature; got back in the car; and finished our picnic there. But when you are newlyweds, any good idea is a new adventure as you begin a life together.

Melissa F said...

Hello! I hope you're continuing to have a nice weekend!

My favorite spring memory would have to be when my mother would help me make May Day baskets to hang on our neighbors' front door knobs. We did this anonymously every year for a few years (even though I don't think it was that anonymous...we were a close-knit group!). We would decorate small green plastic strawberry baskets and put handles on them, then fill them with candy and a flower. Such a sweet time. =]

Kathleen said...

A favorite Spring time memory for me is watching my mom's garden bloom. She always worked so hard to have color through the growing months, and as you know here in NY, not very long! She had blooming shrubs all over, and her clematis climbed arbors , just beautiful!