Sunday, March 13, 2011

Markets of the World...Barcelona

I love to look at markets when I travel. Some are fascinating for the luxury items --Paris -- and some for the exotic and unfamiliar items -- Macao. But all of them give a great picture of how people live throughout the world. In Barcelona we found the Mercat Santa Caterina and had a delightful visit.

Everything looked delicious...

Or very interesting...
I'm not sure that I'm ready for an emu or ostrich omelet. 

I would like to shop for groceries here on a regular basis. I was so enchanted -- actually with all of Barcelona --   that the idea of renting an apartment for a few weeks has become a regular thought. Wouldn't that be fun?


Mevely317 said...

Just when I think I've lost my spirit of adventure ... these posts nudge something deep inside!

Had you ever considered a vacation "home exchange"? My ex and I did that years ago with a family from Italy -- nice stepping outside a "hotel" experience.

Have a great day!

Marydon said...

Oh, my! What fabulous pictures, Miss Lilac! I know you are having one fabulous time .. wish I were with you .. we'd be up til dawn jabbering away of our experiences for the day.

Happy St. Paddy's day ~
Have a beautiful week ~


Pam said...

Great photos! Yes, renting an apartment there would be fabulous! All this fresh produce would put our markets here to shame. They have signs everywhere apologizing for the poor selections due to bad weather where it was all grown. Have fun and be safe!

Carol said...

Love markets. Love your photo's.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness - I would LOVE to shop at a market like that - the world is sure different from place to place and even state to state for us! sandie

Life is good! said...

i so much would rather shop at an outdoor fresh air market that a huge grocery/furniture/tire/fabric/etc. store. your photos are lovely!

Nancy M. said...

I'm so glad you're safely home now! I've really enjoyed looking at all the pictures from your travels! I would be a little afraid of those eggs too, lol. Sorry you didn't get to go everywhere you wanted!

Nezzy said...

Oh honey I'd be in seventh heaven with a very big basket!!!

God bless and have a marvelous Monday sweetie!!!

Lynda said...

Those are beautiful displays! I have heard others who were enchanted with Barcelona. If you can go and stay a few weeks, I say go for it. How often do we get to live our dreams?

Simply Debbie said...

You would not be able to pull me away from those fruits and vegetables...they looked so yummy.
Those ostrich eggs...were they in didn't look cold...I have heard that one ostrich egg is the equalivent of a dozen chicken eggs...I don't know...I have just heard...and they are suppose to be really much were they in our money...I know nothing about foreign looks beautiful there.
Thank you so much for sharing
Simply Debbie