Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hot Cocoa Time

Both the weather and my day call for hot cocoa. I just need a few mini-marshmallows! The day was a whirl of meetings. I scheduled what I thought was a quick appointment to remove two small growths, which are pre-anything serious. Our office is closed tomorrow and I thought I'd have a nice long evening to catch up on blogging and generally relax.

The best laid plans... My appointment was at 5:30 and I got home less than an hour ago, having spent over three hours with the doctor and now I'm armed with many directions to follow. I'd never met the surgeon before and most of the reason it took so long was her careful and kind precision. She was great, and I am very thankful to have been guided to such a caring doctor. As she stitched I had lots of time to pray and I offered that time for all the prayers that you all have asked for in the past, as well as any intentions I might not be aware of. You were all in my prayers tonight.

I'm going to make a cup of hot cocoa and cuddle up the Land's End catalogue and look for some warm fleece for the months ahead. More Memphis pictures tomorrow.

Sweet, sweet dreams!


Chatty Crone said...

Well I am going to bed - but I wish I had thought about it earlier! sandie

Mevely317 said...

Whoa ... I just realized I can't recall the last time I had a cup of hot cocoa. Must do something about that!!
I'm thanking God youve such a wonderful doctor!

She said...

Mmm..thanks for the idea, now, where is that tub of cocoa...

Looking forward to your photo's from Memphis:)



Cape Cod Kitty said...

Do hope you are feeling better and that the cocoa was just what you needed to take the stres out of the day. I'm thinking some time for cocoa will be a nice addition to my coming weekend.

Nancy M. said...

I am glad it went well! Sounds like a thorough doctor!