Tuesday, August 10, 2010

You Know You're Really Grown Up...

...when you ask your blog friends for thoughts about hearing aids...and it's all in a day's experience.

A little background...This has been the summer of health. Maybe it's turning sixty, but something clicked in me and I've spent this summer focused on good health. The two challenges I've participated in have been part of it. I've also been eating super healthy, with lots of fruits and veggies daily and rarely a French fry. With two of my work buddies, I've been going to Weight Watchers and we've really enjoyed it. The results have been good -- maybe even great -- and I'm wearing clothes I haven't worn in over three years.

The other part of healthy summer has been catching up on medical appointments. I've had my annual checkup with lots of blood work and my quarterly dental appointment. But I've also done some major testing with a cardiac stress test and a carotid artery check last week. Thankfully these two major tests were completely uneventful. This morning I went for two tests that I'd been putting off. One was a follow-up at the vocal chord clinic. It's a test I dread and I worry here about the outcome. My prayers were answered here and my vocal chords have actually improved. I do have a prescription for speech therapy, which my wonderful doctor feels will keep them in better working condition. Since talking is just about my favorite activity, I plan to look into this in the fall.

The last test I wanted to do this summer was a hearing test. I've been having trouble hearing in restaurants and in places with a lot of peripheral noise. I knew it wasn't my imagination, and the test confirmed the moderate hearing loss I know that I have. I liked the audiologist a lot and we had a very good discussion about hearing aids. It's not a critical issue at this time, but it might improve the quality of my life a lot and I am thinking very seriously about it. The words, hearing aids, sound very drastic, but I am looking at it as I look at using glasses,  which is not very drastic at all. I'd love thoughts, experiences concerning using hearing aids. Can anyone comment on their own experience or close relatives or friends -- good and not so good. I want to collect as much data as possible before I move ahead on this. I know I can count on my blog buddies once again.

Had a big evening event for work tonight and I need to head off to the land of sweet dreams. My treat for tomorrow night is blog visiting and I am so looking forward to catching up. Sweet dreams to my dear blog buddies.


Mevely317 said...

Good for you, Buttercup ... for being so good to yourself -- really! (I'm a train wreck in that regard.)
Your talking about hearing aids made me smile. If you've an opportunity, check out the blog entry by one of my fav authors (www.jajance.com) titled, "My father had aids and I do too." She's a hoot!
Sweet dreams now :)

Andrea said...

No way, you are 60! I missed that and I think you are exaggerating those numbers, my friend!

I, too am blessed to have been brought into your circle of friends. Thank you for your precious comment at arise 2 write. You have a heart full of encouragement and you will never know how much I appreciate it.

As for hearing aids, do you think you could yell a bit louder and see if you can get Doug to go get one! I am exhausted from yelling at him!


Terra said...

Hey, Buttercup, I am aging right along with you. I will see what folks advise about hearing aids, cuz I can see them in my future.

Neabear said...

I have grown up wearing hearing aids. Started when I was 5 years old with one in my left ear. In the late 90's I got a second one for the right ear, but did not wear it as much until I was doing my field work in 2001 for my degree as an Occupational Therapy Assistant. Now I wear 2 all the time. My left one lasted 10 years and had to replace it this year. Now I have 2 new hearing aids at $3250 a piece. Yep! That is over 6 grand for the two of them. I have the new fancy style that was digitally programmed for me. Working pretty good, but I notice that I have difficulty following along on the hymns at church and now don't sing along as much. Music sounds different to me. Able to enjoy the classical station in the car though as I drive to work. The brand I have is Siemens. I found that I lost even more hearing in my right ear as I got older. I am considered deaf without my hearing aids. I have the over the ear style. The in the ear style are not made strong enough for my level of hearing impairment. As I child I had many years of speech therapy to help me to speak correctly. Now people think I have an accent and ask me where I am from. I have to explain that it is a speech impediment.

I hope I have helped some but I know that my situation is different from most people.

Good luck!


accidental carer said...

Thanks for popping by my blog; I am fine and just thinking stuff instead of posting it- safer just now -- but I will be back. Thanks for caring xx

Jane said...

Glad that your health has improved for you. You can't negate the benefits of a good diet. I wouldn't worry too much about hearing aids if you opt for them. They have so many now that are practically invisible - no one will know that you even have them!


Amrita said...

I' ve been wearing hearing aids sinc e the past 15 years. It was hard to accept it at first but then as my hearing deteriorated I had to depend on them more and more. I I cdan 't do without them

Sharon said...

My mom resisted this for so long until she finally realized that people were beginning to avoid conversations with her. She now has a hearing aid and is like a totally different person. The device is so tiny, you can't even tell she's wearing it.

Sybil said...

It is so wonderful that all your health checks have come out well. Congrads. on the weight watchers diet...dyou have doen so well...As for the hearing aid well I say go for it it is no different from wearing glasses other than folks don't see your hearing aid. I had to get one about two years ago it is tiny and although one part sits behind my ear it is so thin it can't be seen and then there is a tiny invisable "tube" that ends in the microphone device that slips inside the ear..I can hanestly say I never feel it in...in fact one day last week I spent over half an hour searching for the thing only to discover it was in my ear !!
Have a lovely week, Love sybil xx

Chatty Crone said...

You give me courage to turn 60 soon. Great you're health is getting in order. My husband cups his hand around the back of his ear to try to catch my words. lol I'm proud you went to the doctor and asked.


Ms Sparrow said...

Whoa! You're taking on a lot all at one time. Be kind to yourself and ease up a little bit. After all, you're only 60!

Marydon said...

I've been after the Mr. Dept911 for one for years...but the only problem he has is to stay focused on what is being said .. chuckle! If you need them, they are nearly invisible, I say improve your life then. Now Carol, you had a lovely body/shape when we saw you so I can only image your wiggling down a NYC boulevard even a little sexy than before. You are a beautiful woman! Period.

TTFN ~ have a wonderful summer weekend ~
Hugs of love, Marydon

Live Out Loud said...

It's so good to hear that people are taking on their own health so good for you!

My father has been deaf in one ear since just after birth and his other ear isn't doing too good nowadays. You have to shout to be heard and he interrupts all the time. He knows I'm talking - I think he does it as a defense against the fact he can't hear what I'm saying. He also has...it'd be called depth perception issues if it was the eyes but it's for hearing - not sure what it's called. But because he's been deaf in one ear all his life, he can't tell where sound is coming from. Now with the other ear going deaf, it can be tough to carry on a conversation especially in public. He can't enjoy certain music because he can't make it out - it's just noise to him. There are so many things that are different for him because of hearing issues.

So I say go for the hearing aid - not just for you but for those around you. Don't drive them nuts when you don't have to!

Also, one trick I use to help me make decisions is this: ask yourself if you are going to get/do it at some point. If so - why wait? Do it NOW and get the benefit right away instead of doing it later and having all those wasted moments.

Those are my two cents, anyway!!

Good luck with your decision.

Barbara Blundell said...

HI Buttercup,
Snap ! I recently went to see the audiologist and was told that two hearing aids would help-not to amplify but to make consonant sounds clearer Now waiting for fitting and trial ! `Good luck !