Saturday, December 12, 2009

From Morning to Night

The morning began with this sign...I'm not sure what's being filmed -- and I googled heartily -- but I found a great website that has information about filming all over New York and the Los Angeles. I'll be stopping there often.

The work morning was spent in a bus depot and then back to the office. It's been a long week, but got to go through a lot of the paper on my desk. Not all, but lots of it and I am grateful for that. Hurray!

During my commute home I passed through the subway station at Columbus Circle and had the opportunity to see the fabulous mural by the artist Sol LeWitt. A friend has been a major part of the project and I've been hearing about the progress and it was great to see it. Generally there are hundreds of people in the station, but when it's later in the evening, sometimes there is a window of opportunity to get a complete picture.


This is the renovation in the rest of the station and the platform I use most often.

The blessed weekend! I've got an appointment with the eye doctor, a trip to the post office and study group for lunch, study and Chanukah. I also hope to get back to TJ MAXX for a few things I've been thinking about since my visit there a few weeks ago. There are lots of cards to write and blogs to read and presents to wrap. I want to drink hot cocoa and savor the New York Times and the holiday magazines.

Wishing you time to savor the things you enjoy most!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It sounds as if your Saturday will be as busy as mine. Lots to do in so little time. Hope you manage to get it all done and get to savor that hot chocolate to!

Anonymous said...

Happy Hanukkah first of all!

Love your photos!

Robyn Campbell said...

Happy Chanukah Buttercup. Popped over because I have missed coming to your blog.

I've been readying my novel to go out on submission to agents. Adding words to it.

Plus Christmas is here. But I'm finished with the shopping. YAY! Sounds like you are very busy today. Be safe my friend. :)

k and c's mom said...

The Happiest of Hanukkah to you, Buttercup! Hope this weekend is full of time with family and friends. (My best friend is in New York this weekend hoping for snow...and tickets to Wicked.)

Lucy said...

I'll be looking forward to movie pics!

Sybil said...

Hoping you have a lovely weekend. Happy Hanukkah to you...Enjoy the shoping but take time to sit and watch the world go by.
Much Love Sybil x

Chatty Crone said...

Happy Chanukah to you Buttercup.