Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In Three Small Blocks...

I found some treasures!

I had another meeting in Lower Manhattan this morning and I was amazed at what blogworthy riches I discovered in just three blocks.

I routinely pass the NY Stock Exchange on my walk from the subway to my agency’s building. Frequently there are events outside the stock exchange when companies are making announcements. The event today was very different. At first I thought a “Ghost Busters” type movie was being filmed. There were two men in red jump suits holding two very odd instruments. Unusual sounds were emerging, which were odd even by NYC standards. After chatting with a third man from the group who was filming the experience I learned that this was part of the Floating Lab Collective, a group of performance artists. They had previously asked people to make a telephone call and “Scream at the Economy." The screams were then taped and turned into (atonal) music, which is what was being played, “as a performance in public space in front of financial institutions.” They may be coming soon to a financial institution in your town.

Down the block and around the corner I found more filming. No stars and no active filming, but all the signs and equipment for “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” With a little bit of googling I found that Nicholas Cage is the star and it is based on the Disney "Sorcerer's Apprentice." It's scheduled for release next summer.

My third discovery came across the street from one of the areas marked for filming, “Ciao Bow Wow” Dog Day Care/Grooming Spa and Pet Boutique. I was especially taken with aromatherapy as part of the grooming. As I was eating lunch (in my favorite Cosi around the corner) I saw a Bernese Mountain dog walking down Broad Street, the same street as the stock exchange. I wonder if he was going for an aromatherapy session at Ciao Bow Wow.

Dear Gentle Readers, I have to thank you for your comments and interest in the sights and sounds of New York City. I’ve very much enjoyed keeping an eye out for blogworthy and interesting places and events. I’ve always enjoyed seeing the sights of New York City, but having all of you to share it with has made it even better.


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Boy, I'd like a performance artists group to come to Midland. No one would know what to make of it and I bet the entire Sheriff's department would turn out for the spectacle.

We have a new dog spa here, too, but it looks considerably shabbier (and NOT shabby chic), but at least it's something new!

It's amazing to me how many movies are filmed in New York.

AliMayes said...

Thank you for reminding me again of my times in New York although I must admit I certainly didn't see any of these oddities when I was there! I love the idea of 'Playgroups for Small Dogs' :o)
Ali xx

k and c's mom said...

103 degrees in the shade in Texas! Glad you can wander the sidewalks of New York and not melt so you can give us a peek.

Chatty Crone said...

Wow, wow, and triple wow. How cool is all this? I'd LOVE this life. I'm jealous - in a good way. Seems like you are really living and enjoying life.

Screams for the economy - I have one I could add.

More movies been filmed - awesome.

More wonderful New York things.

Thanks for sharing.