Monday, May 11, 2009

Stop and Smell the Roses

Buttercup and Mom, winter 1951

This is a post-Mother's Day tribute to three of the dearest women in the world, my mother, my dear friend Kathy and Kathy's daughter, Jessica, my goddaughter.
My mother died in February 1990, much too soon. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of her, and as the years go by I grow more and more grateful to be her daughter. Thanks, Mom, for making me wear my braces and go to Sunday school, for sitting through swim lessons and dance lessons, for thousands of homemade cookies and trips to the library and for being an extraordinary woman and mother!

Kathy, summer 1973
Kathy was my first friend at college. We lived on the same hall and by the third day of school in September, 1968 we had become friends and I am happy to say, we still are. Kath, your tribute is not simply that you are a great friend -- that you are! -- but a great mother, too. You have raised two wonderful children, while being active in your community, running marathons, being a judge and being a great daughter, sister and friend. I can't imagine my life without you.

Jessica Erin, Thanksgiving 1979

Jessica is not actually my goddaughter. Her Aunt Maureen is her given godmother, but Jess is the goddaughter of my heart. Jessica went to college an hour from New York and I visited frequently. We tried to find the right description of our relationship and friend and friend's daughter just didn't describe it, and so I became a godmother. What a joy! No one could have a sweeter and lovelier goddaughter or daughter. Jess is beautiful, accomplished, intelligent and funny, but more important she is one of the kindest and most caring people I will ever meet. When I returned from Indiana a box from FTD was waiting, with freesia and roses. This morning the scent that greeted me was roses, a gift from dear Jess. This is a moment to stop and smell the roses and say thanks Mom, Kath and Jess for all you mean to me.


AliMayes said...

What a beautiful tribute to three wonderful women - I love the photos but especially the one of you and your mother although you do look as if you're trying to escape!! I can see the family resemblance even at that early age.
Ali xx

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

A beautiful post, dearie! Sad that your mother passed away too young, but happy that you so obviously carry on her legacy of love and caring. And how wonderful to still have your good friend from college, and your "adopted" goddaughter!!!

Jess said...

I love being your goddaughter - man I was cute at 6 months! Thank so much.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute.