Sunday, April 19, 2009

10 Favorite Places (1) or Goodbye, Columbus (Circle)

What seems like a million years ago, though only 10 in October, Buttercup and colleagues worked at this site. In those days the building was called 10 Columbus Circle and it was all government offices. The building had been slated for demolition for years when we moved in and indeed, they began to take it down the Monday after we moved out in 1999. The building grew pretty seedy, but I loved it. It was a mile and a half from my house, with a library and Lincoln Center, bank, great grocery shopping and movies between there and home. The other perks were the fantastic location with a view overlooking Central Park and the movie stars. Offices were rented to movie production companies and you never knew who would be sharing an elevator. Mel Gibson, Bradd Pitt and Ron Howard all shared our floor at different times.

Now the area is known for the Time Warner Building, complete with elegant restaurants, nice stores and Jazz at Lincoln Center. I stop in from time to time to shop at Whole Foods and Borders and enjoy the amenities, but there's always a pang for the time I spent at 10 CC.

I love this picture. Not sure what the UFO sighting would be, but it made an interesting moment.

Thanks all for stopping by. Love sharing New York and some of my favorite places here with all of you. Wishes for a wonderful spring week!


roy/elisabeth dean said...

I love seeing your pics of NY! One of my associates' want us to take a trip there this summer....I think I'm going to start planning it now! When I went 2 years ago (with my Mom, right after Daddy passed away), we were so lost~ we couldn't find anything and couldn't figure out the subway system, so we just walked to places close to where we stayed. I believe the hotel was the Philadelphia. Hopefully, I'll get to see MORE of the city with Amy...she has gone frequently! Maybe I will actually get to go into the Empire State Building (it was closed)!
Keep posting pictures please! We'll never tire of seeing them~
PS...THANK YOU for your contribution to Relay and for entering my little giveaway~

Buttercup said...

Let me know when you're planning to visit. I'm around most of the summer and I'm a very good tour guide!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

My brother visited New York but I was too scared to go. Wasn't afraid to live in Houston, but N.Y. is just too daunting!!! He loved it, though...went up to Windows on the World before the sad time of 9/11 happened...

I know what you mean about getting a "pang" for how things WERE.