Monday, March 30, 2009

My New Favorite Treat

I am blessed in the neighborhood in which I live. In the four block walk from the subway I pass -- depending on what side of the street I am walking -- a Gap, a Banana Republic, three banks, a clothing store not a national chain, a drug store and a Starbucks, a bakery, and a Dunkin Donuts. If I walk another half a block in various directions, there is a pizza store, a soft ice cream store, a large grocery, a candy store, a health food store and a store with an enormous assortment of fruits and veggies. In the ongoing struggle to eat healthy, I must confess dear bloggy friends, I don't always stop at the fruit and veggie store or the health food store. There are nights when Starbucks is screaming for me and if I escape those siren voices I hear the call of Dunkin.

Tonight was an exception. I climbed out of the subway and went immediately to Broadway Farm. Yes, it's on Broadway, but despite the fact the store is far, far from a farm there is a great selection of fruits and veggies. There were plums, six kinds of apples, four kinds of oranges, but not the little pixie clementines I was looking for. Then I saw a totally unfamiliar fruit. The sign said it was Sharon Fruit, imported from Israel. The sign on the package said it was "Natural Candy" and the sweetest fruit in the world.

And my friends, it is yummy! Beyond yummy! Though it looks like a tomato, it is sweet and completely edible. I googled it and found it's a cousin to the persimmon and this is its short, but so sweet season. Couldn't not share my discovery with my bloggy friends.

Coming soon: Buttercup's Blue Chicken!


Stacey said...

Oh that looks so yummy! I have never heard of that fruit before and am now curious to see if I can find any here.

I so know about those siren voices that go off in your head, today was a trying day for me. I fell short of my goal, but there are going to be days like this, unfortunately.

Hugs and blessings,

*Eat some Sharon fruit for me. :)

Anonymous said...

Not a huge fan of tomatoes...but if you say they are sweet I believe you :)

Country Whispers said...

I have never heard of that before. It sure looks like a tomato but I don't think I'd be able to find something like that around here.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Thar's yer difference between the big-city dweller and those stuck in the sticks...LOL...not saying I'd trade...but it sure would be fun to live where you could walk to so many stores!

Those Sharon Fruits are amazing! There are so many things people eat around the world and we don't even know about it. As someone deeply interested in eating treats, this concerns me LOL...

I want to hear about The Blue Chicken!