Sunday, February 22, 2009

Right Click and More Right Clicks

Dear Penniwig has a wonderful post on getting floating bubbles/flowers to put on one's blog, and she made it sound easy. Definitely easy enough for this very challenged blogger. With great determination not to be easily thrown I've been right clicking for the what seems like eternity and as you note no little bubbles or buttercups dancing up the page.

As the goal of this blog is to focus on the bright side of life I'm not letting the failure to obtain bubbles get me down. I will survive this lack of right click bubble success. I'm not even going to consider it bubble failure. I'm just not quite there on the right clicks.

I was actually feeling pretty good about my blogging. On the left side of the blog, please note the successful implementation of Shelfari. And if you look carefully at my bookshelf there is The Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating a Web Page & Blog, a sign of my determination to master all the wonders of right clicking. I have opened the book, but in honesty just looking at the introduction gives me a headache.

On this note it's time to watch the Academy Awards. As they would have said in one of my favorite movies -- if it had been made 60 years later -- "Tomorrow is another day to blog."


Country Whispers said...

Can be frustrating! I am pretty new to this blog thing and I can spend hours on here trying to change something only to fail. I usually have to just walk away and then start again the next day. One of these days I will fully understand all this mumbo jumbo and be able to make things work right the first time.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

BUTTERCUP! I right-clicked on yer blog and ye do NOT have that Bubble script in place! No wonder there are no floating flowers, honey! Go to my blog and copy my script EXACTLY, don't even change the location of the images, that's where yer likely going wrong, and then you go to LAYOUT and ADD PAGE ELEMENT or whatever and just pop the ENTIRE SCRIPT that you copied from my blog onto the HTML/JAVA gadget. Keep trying!