Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday morning

Love these Saturday mornings. It's quiet -- just the sound of traffic outside my window. I need to get going -- services, lunch with a friend to celebrate her birthday. But it's soooo nice staying inside, especially when it's 15 degrees out. Once I'm dressed in all of my layers it will be okay, but for now I'm loving being indoors and not having to rush around.

I am still rejoicing in the miracle of USAir flight 1549. I first heard the plane "had crashed" from one of my colleagues, and all I could think of was how cold it was and started to cry. We're about two miles from the place in the Hudson where the plane came down and it felt very near to me. I went back to my office and just kept praying, and by the time I was ready to leave on Thursday, the news was that everyone on the plane had been rescued.

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Stacey said...


I wanted to stop by your blog and personally thank you for all of the wonderful and uplifting comments that you have left me. They have certainly been helpful during some difficult times.

Blogging has been an absolutely amazing journey for me. I am fairly new at it, just got started on Dec. 15th of last year. It has been a great source of support and knowledge in my life. I look forward to getting the chance to set down at my computer each and every day. There are so many strong Christian women out here who are so ready, willing and able to do what ever it takes to be of service to you and lend their caring hearts to listen and then share their thoughts. I am sure that you will find blogging to be one of your new found favorite daily endulges. :) I know that I have.

What an inspiration you already are. I wish you all of the best of luck as you continue to focus on what matters most in your life and seeing all that is good around you. :) My thoughts and prayers are with you today and always.

Hugs and blessings,
Stacey :)